I cant let you go

An average 12 year old girl Natalie has had a really hard life with loosing her best friend not expecting whats going to happen next an also seems to be a huge fan of One Direction. When she meets them they became best friends and everything was perfect untill life started to go wrong, will the boys help her to get through it?


9. Escaped...


Natalie’s P.O.V

I was happier that we were now watching Toy Story instead of Paranormal Activity. Who knew that a film could ever have much effect on a person. This week was going to be fun, I knew it was, I’m just scared that they will see my scar on my stomach. I turned on the TV and the news came up. FUCK, SHIT. FUCK. “Breaking news, killer of Olivia and stabber of Natalie has broken out of prison. Who knows where he is now, Natalie if you’re watching this, the police are on it don’t worry.” We were all so speech less, I was just sitting there wanting to kill my self. “WHY, JUST WHY! HOW COULD HE DO THAT! HE’S GOING TO COME AFTER ME AND FINISH ME OFF, HE WANTED TO KILL ME! NOOOO, WHY JUST FUCKING WHY!” I shouted this at the top of my lungs. All the boys ran as fast as they  could giving me a huge hug and kissing the top of my head. After all that I couldn’t say anything, I just cried. I cant believe he’s out of prison. He’s going to find me and kill me. The boys all decided I should go to bed, but they’re not letting me out of their sight. “Are all the windows and doors locked? “ I asked with a really trembling voice. “Yes love now come on let’s get you to bed.” Liam, Lou and Zayn went in their rooms and quickly got changed, they all came out in sweats and a t-shirt. When we got upstairs, Harry, Niall and I got changed. I got changed into my sesame street top and sweats. I tied my hair up in a messy bun, brushed my teeth and wiped my face. I climbed into my bed and looked over at my bed side table, there was a picture of me and Olivia. I burst out crying again. I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” Oh yeah I forgot the boys were sleeping in my bed tonight. Harry and Niall came rushing in as fast as they could and went on either side of me. Louis came and jumped on my bed then Liam and Zayn were being sensible and walked in and carefully got next to Harry or Niall, eventually Lou went next to Liam. I’m so glad I have a king size bed. “Nat, you’ll be fine if you’ve got us Nat, we love you.” He whispered in his husky voice. “I love you too, thank you.” I turned around and faced Niall, he was looking at me smiling, “Nat, come here.” He was gesturing for me to go in his arms, I shuffled to him and buried my head in his chest. I wept  softly. Eventually I cried myself to sleep. “No, leave me alone, NO FUCK OFF. Leave me alone please! What have I ever done to you? Please!” I suddenly woke up screaming. That was the worst nightmare I have ever had. He found me, he came into the house and had a knife in his hand. He was about to  stab me, but I woke up. “Natalie what is it, are you ok?” Liam asked really worried. “Yeah, just a nightmare.” I went back into Niall’s arms, hopefully not to wake up until the morning, maybe never.

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