The Story I Call Mine

Olivia didn't know what she brought herself into that changed her life


1. A New Beginning

Any feedback would be great haha i just found this out and just started getting into this sorry if it's terrible :(




Olivia POV:

     "Olivia wake up!!! Olivia WAKE UP!!!" I woke up to see my mother shaking me and my dad climbing out the window. I saw fire trying to force its way into my room. I got up and ran to the window and started to climb down. I jumped after 2 feet and saw my mom getting eaten by fire. That was the last day I saw her. I was 14 then but I'm 17 now, Hi I'm Olivia and I live in London, England. I got up from my terrible dream and looked at the mirror at myself, I had dark circles under my eyes from never sleeping. My long brown hair flowed down to my mid-back, I have caramel looking eyes. I looked down at my bracelet my mom gave me right before I turned 14 and tears started to set in. I went to my dresser and put on sweatpants and a white tee. I walked down the stairs, every time I hit the ground chills ran through my body. I put on socks and grabbed my hoodie, and ran out the door. I stopped in front of my old friend Harry Styles house, I used to be friends with him before he came famous. I heard a car beep at me and I moved out of the way, I noticed it was Harry. He got out of his car and looked at me and smiled. " Hey I haven't seen you in awhile, is it Liv right?" "Yeah I'm Liv alright" I said as I chuckled. Harry walked over " How have you been?" "Good I guess" I said looking down at my bare feet. He grabbed my chin and lifted it up "You wanna come inside?" he said with a worried look in his eyes. I followed him to the door and smelled bacon and eggs. "Mom I'm back from the tour" he said as his mom came running from the kitchen to hug him. "Mom this is Liv from down the street remember when she moved here when she was 14" he said as his mom shook my hand "Nice to meet you again" she said smiling. I said "Morning to his mom and started to walk towards the window and looked out. Harry came over and hugged me from behind.I spun around and smiled as I knew I was already falling in love with him, which I knew was too fast but his curly hair and blue eyes captured me. I knew I liked him since I met him when we were 14 and now I realized I love him. After we hugged his phone started to vibrate and he answered it and I noticed it was Niall Horan a band mate from One Direction. He hung up and looked at me and smiled."Would you like to come and meet my band mates?"he said excitedly. I looked at him and smiled and nodded. We got at Louis Tomlinson's huge mansion house. I looked inside and I knew my life was changing around finally something going right.

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