Lost and found

When 18 year old Roselle flies to england, her whole life changes...


4. the boys

Roselle's pov. Later we walked over to Louis'  flat to find the other boys there too. Harry yelled out "Did you do anything special?" Gosh he was nosy. "No we didn't Harry! stop being nosy!" "Awww!" Harry groaned. Later on we settled down to watch a movie at Louis' place. We watched Toy Story courtesy to Liam. We soon got bored of the movie so we played Truth Or Dare. Lou asked me, " Truth or Dare, Rosie!" I said dare. Lou dared me to pash Niall for 10 seconds. we got ready and started. The boys were counting, " one, two, three, four, five, six ,seven , eight , nine, ten!" then we finished. Next it was my turn. I yelled out, "truth or dare Liam!" "truth!" he said. I asked him if he liked John Lennon and he said yes. After about two hours of playing, we decided to go to sleep. Niall and I walked back to my flat and he asked me if he could move in with me. I said yes.

Niall's pov. I cant believe it. I moved in with Rosie! I'm so happy! I've never felt this way with a girl before. when we hold hands, I feel a spark run through me. I think she's the one. I went to bed with Rosie when we got back to her flat. I'm so tired. I woke up to smell something like bacon and Rosie wasn't in bed with me. I went down to the kitchen and saw her cooking enough bacon for five people and me. She also made orange juice for us.  "Good morning Rosie!" "Mornin' Niall!" "I invited the guys to ome over for breakfast. Is it okay?" "Yeah thats fine Rosie!"

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