Lost and found

When 18 year old Roselle flies to england, her whole life changes...



I have been living for the boys for just over a week now, and i haven't bothered to get a key because i love living with them. I checked Niall's calendar and it was the 20th of july. It was my birthday! I went to the living room when i saw the guys waiting  for me while singing happy birthday. how they knew, i had no idea. then i noticed that Niall was missing. right then, Niall came in singing the last chorus of happy birthday, holding a huge cake with blue icing saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE! I was shocked. I then went to Niall, took the cake, and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Then Harry ruined the moment playfully and said, "don't we get one too?" I looked at him and gave a kiss on the cheek to Zayn, Louis and Liam. When i got to Harry, i pushed him over and gave him a kiss in his cheek too.

Niall's pov. The kiss was amazing and i felt a spark. I hope she felt the same too. after we had cake, i went upstairs into my bedroom. 5 mins later Rosie walked in. I asked her if she liked the surprise and she replied, "yeah. did you enjoy mine?" "yes" i replied. She asked why we knew it was her birthday. I said we talked in her sleep.

Roselle's pov. Niall gave me a key to my room for my birthday. i smiled and gave him a kiss. as we pulled away i looked at him and asked why did he stop? he said because we should go into my new room and use the bed there. i unlocked my door and led Niall into my room. He then jumped on the bed and used the fishing rod move to bring me in. It worked. i got into the bed and started kissing him. I kissed his neck while he waited for me to stop. we then started again and were going for hours. i checked my watch and it was 11:59 pm Niall wasn't bothered to get up so he stayed the night.

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