Lost and found

When 18 year old Roselle flies to england, her whole life changes...


5. Breakfast

Rosie's pov. When the boys came over for breakfast, it was so much fun! We shared jokes and we played around and ate the whole lot! It turns out Niall and I eat the most out of everyone. After breakfast, Niall took me outside to the park across the road and said, "Rosie, I know I only met you a couple of days ago, but I love you and will you be my girlfriend?" He also wrapped a really nice diamond necklace around my neck.

Niall's pov. I did it. I finally asked the question. And she said yes! I'm even happier than i was last night! We went back to Louis' flat to tell everyone. When we got back to Louis' place Rosie invited herself in. I guess she was excited. She yelled out, "I'm Niall's girlfriend!" I can't believe it. She's my girlfriend. Rosie is my girlfriend! The other boys clapped and whooped and we were so happy.

Harry's pov. Rosie.. I can't have her. She's Niall's now and she will never be mine. I need her, I wouldn't be able to survive without her and now she is Niall's. I will never have her now. 

Rosie pov. OMG I'M NIALL'S GIRLFRIEND. THE NIALL HORAN. Wait until i tell my best (and only) friend Olivia!  She is gonna freak out! This is so EXCITING. There's something wrong with Harry though, I think i'll check it out. I walk up to Harry and say "Are you ok?" He said "No Rosie. i'm not ok. I love you but you're Niall's now. I can never have you." What have i done? This is all my fault! I need Olivia to help me. "I have to go Harry bye." "Goodbye Rose. Goodbye."

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