Lost and found

When 18 year old Roselle flies to england, her whole life changes...



When i moved to England, it was not what expected at the airport. There were thousands of screaming girls holding up one direction signs and stuff like that. I walked passed them and sighed. I was weird and i had no friends. my best friend is basically my book- Wicked. I had long, messy hair that i mostly didn't bother to brush, I had i round face and i was a bit chubby. i also had a bit of a dumb girl brain.

I caught a taxi to my new apartment, which was a suitable since i was not very tall. I decided to go explore London because there was not anything to do. I walked and walked for at least an hour when i decided to return home. i caught the lift and there was a blonde boy in there. he looked roughly about 18-20. i said hi and he said hi back. he had a thick irish accent and he was quite the gentleman. he walked me to my apartment and i realised i lost my key! The boy invited me to stay in his flat until i find a new one. i agreed. I walked in when the boy said, Hi I'm Niall of one direction! and i replied with Hi I'm Roselle of sydney, australia!

Niall pov. Roselle is beautiful, stunning pretty, sexy, any other word to describe her. The way she spoke was lovely and her clothes match her personality very well. She was wearing a fluro pink hoodie with blue tights/jeggings, whatever they are called.

Roselle pov. i went inside and saw 4 other boys there. They turned to Niall and asked Who's this? he replied, this is roselle, she lost her key and has no where to stay. do you guys mind if she stays here until she gets a new one?  Niall said, the boys replied YES. i then start to realise who they were. IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!!!! I kept my cool but i was starstruck. Niall came up to me and asked, "do you want to sleep on the couch? or on my bed?" i replied "i'll sleep on the couch thanks." Niall then said, "OH MY GOD you don't have clothes." he must've not realised i did have my luggage. i picked my bag up and showed him. He looked down and was red. i then took him outside, lifted his head up and kissed him. It was ong but it was amazing. i felt a spark and hoped he did too.

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