If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


7. Chapter 7: Perfect.

Hey Guys(: This Chapter doesnt have much Drama its sorta a Cute Chapter, & im sorry its sooo long! I get into ALOT of detail:D Thats just how I am but I promise there will be more Drama soon,  & if you read could you please leave me some Feedback that would be great! I have this feeling its not that good & not many people read it, so im wondering whether I should go on with this Fanfic. Please & Thank you! Read/Fan/Comment? Thank you! Sorry it took me soo long to Update(: -Alex<3


When I got home I quickly began to get ready tonight would be perfect finally alone together with my boyfriend. I climbed up my staircase to my bedroom & opened the locked door, i grabbed a pair of fuzzy pajama pants & a pink polo, im wearing pajama's because were having a movie night, no need to get fancy.

I walked back down my stairs with my pajama's now on & my curly hair into a high pony, glaring over at the clock above my stove, "5:50" Niall will be here at 6, I placed the popcorn package into the microwave & clicked popcorn, i went over to my fridge & looked inside for drinks, Nothing. I desided i'd make Koolaid.

After stirring the sugar, water, & koolaid mix into a pitcher the Microwave beeped. Grabbing the hot package from inside i burnt my fingers, "SHIT!" I screamed dropping the popcorn bag onto the floor, smooth move Ali.

I heard a knock on the door & ran over to open it clutching my burnt finger.

"Hey Babe, Ouch what happened there?" Niall said as he came into my home grabbing my finger out of my hand & kissing it gentally.

"I burnt it grabbing the popcorn out of the microwave" i giggled at my stupidity.

"Here ill help you out then, what do you need help with babe?"

"Nothing, you sit down, & pick out our first movie, I will get everything done" With that I  tippy toed up to kiss his lips once quickly then ran into the kitchen.

I casually snatched the bag of popcorn off the kitchen floor & poured it into a large bowl, & pour two glasses of Lime koolaid. I grabbed the drinks & took them into the living room.

"One Glass of Lime Koolaid for my wonderful boyfriend, so whats the movie list for tonight?" smiling  & kissing his cheek.

"Well Thank you, & how about we start of with a Scary Movie, Then a Comedy so you dont have nightmares tonight" He teased.

"More like so you dont get Nightmare's tonight, but dont worry ill be here to comfort you baby" I stuck my tounge out at him.

"Pft, i dont get scared."

"Whatever floats your boat babe, pop the first movie in & ill be right back with the popcorn." I walked into the kitchen again & grabbed the large bowl of buttery popcorn, just the way i liked it. Bringing it out to see the root to the movie playing, Paranormal Activity 3. Great the only movies I actually get scared by. Turning off the lights, then i sat beside my Boyfriend as he pressed play, I snuggled up into his arms as he rested his arm around my waist gentally.


"What you scared?" Niall smirked at me after i screamed when the cupboard doors flied open out of nowhere in the kitchen.

"YES! Niall you cannot tell me that, that wasnt spooky & that you saw that coming?"

"Eh, it wasnt that spooky." Niall shrugged his shoulders at me.

"You know your scarred, dont act cocky." I grinned as we turned back to face the tv screen.


The first movie was now over, after like screaming 15 times, geez did i feel brave. Thank god now i can watch a movie in peace but of course with the acational laughs during the comedy.

I went to go refill our glasses as Niall popped the next film in, coming back to see 21 Jumpstreet's root playing, ive heard this Film was hilarious.

The movie now started playing as me & Niall were back into the position we were while watching Paranormal Activity 3, except the fact i wasnt burrying my face into his arms.


"OMG AHAHA!" Me & Niall screamed, laughing our complete asses off, this movie was indeed hilarious.

"This movie is Hilarious! Good job babe, i dont even remember Paranormal anymore!" kissing his lips still giggleing at the fact that the Track coach got his Penis shot off & tried to pick it up with his mouth.

"Well thank you, i do have a great taste in movies dont I?" Niall smirked as my face turned straight then making a weird face.

"Yeah, dont get cocky" I smirked & then our lips collided..

Not a quick kiss, this was passtionate the one you want to never end, Our lips moved in sync, wrapping my arms around his neck he grabbed my waist. I began to crave more, I slowly moved my tounge across his lips, now dying for enterance, as he accepted out tounges danced together, this moment was.. Perfect.

I was now laying ontop of him, our lips still locked as he pulled my waist close to his, the movie credits became to show & we both unlocked lips together, I tucked my bang behind my ear & smiled at him.

Why was he so perfect?


We have now started to watch a romantic I was always into romantic movies, but we were now upstairs in my bedroom because if we were to fall asleep, it wouldnt be as to uncomfortable.

The movie we're watching is called Love Actually, its actually a great film, not any Boring romantic movie.

About halfway through the movie, Niall's scent took over me, I felt my eyes getting heavier as I began to close them, tonight I fell asleep, In Nialls arms.


As my body began to feel lonely, my eyes opened. Niall was gone? Where did he go.. I crawled out of my messy bed & went to my closet, a pair of red holister shorts, & a navy blue & white striped V neck, I felt like Louis, this is something he would wear. I untied my pony & brushed through my long locks. This should be okay for now.

As I got closer to the living room from upstairs the scent of French toast, & rich syrup began to flow through my nose, so thats where Niall is.. tiptoeing behind him I jump onto his back & tackle him onto the kitchen floor.

"AHH!" Niall screamed in shock.

"Gotcha" smileing at my achieved surprise attack.

"Yes you did, now can you get off me so I can get your breakfast"

"Aw, Okay, your so sweet" I climb off him & make my way towards the couch.

"Here you are Breakfast on the couch, I was going to give it to you in bed, but you got up before it was done, but ill be over to pick you up at 6 for our date." Niall handed me my breakfast French toast with syrup, & 2 peices of turkey bacon with a glass of chocolate milk, & I almost forgot, Shit I still need to go shopping for a dress.

"Okay I will" I smiled at him, hoping he would leave soon so I could go dress hunting.

"Well im going to go get ready Babe, I will see you tonight" He leaned in & kissed my lips softly as I wrapped my arms around his neck to hug him, Thank god he's leaving so I can get ready.

As I watch Niall walk out my door I quickly run up my staircase into my bedroom, grab my walet & run out the door.

I didnt have a car & there are many nice boutiques near my house so why not find my dress there.

As I walk into the little boutique along with the many others I spot a Turquoise dress the most deffinetly cathes my attention. Turquoise always brought out the color in my sea blue eyes, & always looks best with my flowy Blonde hair.

The dress was simple, but not too boring, it was a short above the knee turquoise dress with the bottom flowing out as the top was tight around my stomach & up, it had dimond colored rhinestones along the top edges & was strapless. I quickly searched for my size, 3/4 thank god they had my size, I brought it up to the register & paid for it.

'Time to get ready'  thought, checking my cell phone it was a quarter past 3 Niall was picking me up at 6, I really did wonder where he was taking me? 'Oh well' I said to myself, knowing I didnt mind where ever he took me as long as I was with him.

I slipped off my clotheing, & jumped into the shower, about 15 minutes later i was nice & clean, drying myself off, I them began to slip on my new dress, perfect fit. I sat infront of my mirror that was laying against my walls & began blow drying my hair, brushing through all the knots. I havent straightened my hair since I have met Niall, I was always too lazy in the morning but I desided I would surprise him with it, after my long wavy hair has been straightened it was about 10 inches longer, I split my hair into halfs & pulled them over my shoulders, my hair was now just above my belly button, & my bangs trailed down to my breasts & then blended into the rest of my hair, I slipped a black headband into my hair not pulling it back or anything just for decoration, & was finally done with my hair.

After aplying little makeup including, mascara & foundation it was about time for Niall to be here, I slipped on my silver white heals & grabbed my phone when I heard a knock, must be him.

 Step by step I make my way slowly down the stairs to answer the door, I check the peep hole of my door.

Flawless. Niall was wearing a Black tuxedo with a turquoise under shirt, how did he know I was wearing Turquoise, that stalker. I smirked & opened the door.



 As I watched the door crack open, out came Ali, looking more gorgeous than ever, how is that even possible? I wondered. 

I took her by the waist & pulled her close to me, I had to kiss her right now. Leaning in, our lips collided, the PINK perfume flowed through my nose, her lips were glossed with strawberry chapstick I slid my tounge across her chaped lips tasting the strawberry flavor. 

We unlocked lips.

"You ready to go love, & by the way you look absolutly gorgeous." I spun her around making her giggle.

"Of course, & why thank you, your looking quite handsome yourself." She winked at me as I grabbed her hand interlocking our fingers as we began to walk to the car.



 "Niall this is beautiful." I was speechless, we were on the top of a hill over looking the view of the beach the ocean was glimmering from the lights shinning on it, Niall had a little table for two with our dinners already made & a candle in the middle in the shape of a Heart, there were poles into the grounds in the shape of a circle, circling around our table as white & pink lights hung pole to pole. It was absolutly beautiful.

"Thanks, it was all my idea to." Niall said proudly, I giggled as he grabbed my hand & pulled me over to the table for us & pulled out my chair for me to sit, such a gentleman.


"This really is absolutly beautiful Niall, I dont believe I have ever seen anything as beautiful as this, & with you just makes it all so much better." I smiled, & grabed his hand in mine as I leaned in to kiss his lips once, then leaned back into my seat.


She kissed my lips, & as she pulled away I knew it was time, im not sure how to tell her, but im going to now, I cant hold this off any longer.

"Ali?" I starred into her beautiful Blue eyes.

"Yes?" She had a smile ear to ear planted on her face, hopefully this would'nt ruin the mood & she would be happy for me. I was petrified but I wasnt backing out now.

"I'm auditioning for the X-Factor."

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