If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


6. Chapter 6: Matchmaker.

That night I went to sleep thinking of how to keep Harry out of Danielle & Liam's relationship, there can not possibly be a way to do so, & i dont even think i want to speak to Harry again, I hate him, so therefore tomorrow i just want to be a Normal day.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* this morning i was lucky enough not to have to wake up from some crazy dream.

I crawled out of bed towards my closet & opened the polka dotted curtains & starred at my clothes waiting for a outfit to pop out at me. Today i was going casual i grabbed a tropical colored wavy skirt & put on a sun colored tanktop underneath my orange slightly see-threw shirt. Like yesterday i curled my long blonde locks into large spirls & applied foundation & mascara i wasnt much of a makeup person.

As always I ate a bowl of lucky charms without the inturuptence of my brother, I wondered if he was running late or wasnt home, oh well my bus was coming so i grabbed my bag with my books for school inside & walked outside onto the bus.

When I got on i noticed two things, Louis screaming my name as always, & a lonely girl sitting alone across from lou, i desided to sit beside her she must be new mind aswell make friends with her so she knows who the good people are & doesnt get sucked into the wrong people. I waved at Louis to come over to sit across from me & the girl.

"Hello, Im Ali Moore, your really pretty, & i noticed your new & desided to introduce myself." I looked at the girl smileing widely. She was shy, but she let out a Shy smile & replied to me.

"Hi, im Samantha Smith, you can call me Sammy though" She Smiled back to me. As Louis came up to sit across from us his eyes made contact with Sam's & he let out a side smile, & his cheeks tinkled pink, they obviously had a moment, Sam smiled back at Louis with there eyes locked onto eachother.

I had to get them together, Mrs.Ali the matchmaker is now in action, I smirked inturupting them.

"Ehem, Lou are you going to Introduce yourself?" I smirked at him as he stuck his tounge out at me, he knew i knew he liked her.

"Hello, Im Louis, Louis Tomlinson" He Smiled at her then me, "Happy?" He smirked at me, i giggled &  nodded my head yes.

"Im Samantha Smith, again you can call me Sammy" She smiled widely at Lou.

"I like your name" He giggled.

As they flirted back and forth I blanked out.


The bus arrived at school & i got off to Niall waiting for me, he opened his arms & i fell into them, i love his scent. I looked up to him, & kissed his lips gentally. We linked hands & walked down the halls, people looked at us with awe's & jealousy, were Me & Niall becoming the Cutest couple in school, that everyone looked up too?

We sat down in our usual seats in the back of the classroom our hands still locked with eachothers, i desided to let Niall in on my plan.

"So theres a new girl Sammy that came here today, & i made friends with her, & her & lou had a moment on the bus, i know he likes her, so im going to play Matchmaker & get them together are you in babe?" I winked.

Niall winked back & pulled me in for a kiss, "Im in" he winked back & crashed are lips together.

Today in class was boring, we copied down notes for our group projects Me, Niall, & Payton were in a group together so atleast that will be fun.


It was now lunch time, & i sat at our table to see Louis & Sammy already sitting beside eachother i looked over to Niall & winked at him, i sat beside him & kissed his lips.

"Hey Louis can I talk to you?" Niall spoke to Lou as he winked at me.

"Hey Sammy i have to talk to you to aswell come with me?" I grabbed her arm & walked out of the cafateria.

"Do you like Lou?" I winked at her.

"Hrm, YES!" She screeched i smiled widely feeling satisfied with myself that i was going to get them together.

"Good, me & Niall are hooking you two up, He's seeing if Louis has a crush on you aswell, then if he does we will tell him to ask you" I smiled widely, as did she, she had the redest cheeks like a tomato.


"Do you like Sammy?" I Smiled at Louis as he looked at me shocked.

"YES! Dude shes so Pretty, & so nice.. but do you think she likes me?" Louis seemed nervous.

I kept smileing & nodded my head, "Yes i do Lou, & when we go back in that cafetiria i want you to ask her out, Who wouldnt like you Dude your Sweet, & girls think your cute."

"Okay i will ask her, but if she says no, you & Ali are comforting me while im upset." I smiled at Louis & we walked back into the Cafetiria, Louis started blushing and sat beside Sam i looked over to my Beautiful girlfriend, & winked as i kissed her lips.


I didnt know how to bring it up so while Sammy was talking to me about something unimportant, I inturupted her.

I grabbed her waist & pulled her close breathing hard, I crashed our lips together gentally but pastionate, i heard Niall & Ali aweing in the backround but i didnt care all that mattered was Me & Sam right now. I released our lips & we starred into eachothers eyes.

"Sammy will you-" i was inturupted, "YES!" She squealed & kissed my lips pastionately I pulled her closer & picked her up spinning her around, people were probably looking at us oddly because this was the lunch room, but i didnt care. I sat her down & released our lips, we both blushed pretty hard.


"well arent we the best friends ever, & great team work" i winked at Niall & kissed his lips pastionately it was now the last hour of school.

"We do make a good team dont we?" he smiled at me.

"Indeed we do Mr.Horan" I winked at him again & smiled widely.

"Yes, but Mrs.Ali tomorrow is Saturday would you do me a favor & let me take you on a date, & also would you like to have a movie night tonight, we could use some alone time." He kissed my lips quickly.

"Of course babe, Comeover around 6 today, & pick me up at 8 tomorrow" i Smiled back at him, i could not wait, we havent had much alone time since we became a couple, & i love watching movies, tonight & tomorrow will be perfect..

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