If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


5. Chapter 5; & the Drama begins..

I fell asleep thinking the whole day over, the kiss, Harry, breaking up with Harry, & what were me & Niall now? Were we a Couple, Friends with Benefits? All i knew is i had to find out, & the only way to find out was to sleep, so the next morning would come by faster, & thats exactly what i did.

"NO HARRY DONT DO IT, LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I screamed crying in the smooth hot sand. "YOU STOLE HER AWAY FROM ME!" Harry yelled at Niall who was just starring in shock. "I didnt steal ANYONE i liked her, oh well its going to happen, She just happened to like me back & SHE KISSED ME!" Niall screamed at parts but also stayed calm as can be, god he's perfect, if someone was acuseing me of stealing anyone, i go all out screaming. Harry was picking Niall up as Niall punched his sides to let him down, Harry was about to Throw him over the edge of the clift. "NO HARRY DONT DO IT!" I yelled bawling my eyes out, but i was too late.. I stood up & ran to Harry, & pushed him off aswell, if Niall didnt live, neither could Harry..

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" My alarm rung waking me up from my crazy dream, what did it mean? Does Harry really want to kill Niall for supposingly stealling me from him, He had Danielle & apparently was going to steal her back. Although Danielle & Liam Payne, are the Cutest couple in school, i could never see Liam stealing Danielle from Harry, He's so Shy, & harmless, i've never really talked to him before, but i was going to start, i had to figure this out.

As i got dressed for school i picked out some dark holister shorts, with a ruffled white tanktop & put a striped over hoodie on, zipping it up 3 inches past my belly button. I curled my Blonde long hair, into big round Spirles.

I walked down stairs to see my brother Ryan eating already, I sat beside him & grabbed a bowl of lucky charms for myself, trying to avoid the question i knew was soon to be aproched.

"How's you & Harry?" My brother smiled at me, just the question i was avoiding..

I sighed in responce, "We broke up.."

"DID HE BREAK YOUR HEART?" My brother is always so protective of me so of course he would ask.

"No, i broke up with him." I replied with no emotion, & grabed my school bag to head out the door to wait for my bus, "Oh" is all i heard him say as i walked out the door.

"Hey Ali!" Louis called out as i got onto the bus & sat besides him, he noticed i was acting differently, obviously we have been bestfriends since 2nd Grade, he knew everything about me.

"Whats wrong?" He said with a worried look.

"Nothing, i broke up with Harry." I could not lie to this boy.

"WHY?! Ali you have been obsessing over this boy since FOREVER & now that you had him, You dump him?" Lou looked so confused, i had to explain everything.

"Well, Me & Harry got into a fight, & Niall walked me home & he's so caring & sweet, we went to the park & i sort of kissed him, because i really like him, & Harry saw, even though i was already going to break up with him because i felt it was right with Niall, & now i dont know what Niall & I are but i will find out today." I explained, with Lou starring at me wide eyed.

"I knew you had a thing for him, AWWWE!" Louis squealed like a girl, sometimes i felt he was gay. I giggled to myself at the thought.

When we arrived at school I was in search for Niall even though Id see him in class I quickly got to class & waited, in came Niall looking over the classroom when his eyes landed on me his mouth creased into a large smile ear to ear.

"Hello Beautiful" as i heard those two words my cheeks already began tinkling pink & a smile creasing onto my face.

"Hello Nialler!" I desided to give him a Nickname Nialler sounds right, He smiled at me widely then paused.. whats he thinking?

"Hey Ali?" Niall taped my arm, sounding nervous. Why is he so nervous around me?

"Yes" I Smiled widely blushing to try & calm him down a bit.

"Would you, will you.. erm.." Niall taped his fingers along the desk nervously, i looked him into the eyes & starred into them, we got lost for what felt like hours. The sound of the bell telling us that class is over broke our stare. Niall leaned in, & we crashed lips, moving in sync, everything was so perfect but i had to know he was mine.

"What i was trying to ask you was, Ali Moore, will you be my Girlfriend?" Niall started to blush uncontrollibly. I grabbed his arm & stoped us from walking & crashed our lips together in  the middle of the hallway, when we released i smiled widely & nodded my head "Yes i will be your Girlfriend." We crashed lips once again, when someone walked by, "Whore" there voice fierce & growling.

We unlocked our lips & turned to see who it was, of course it was Harry Styles..

"She is NOT a Whore!" Niall barked shooting Harry an evil glare.

"She goes guy to guy, you never know she can be leaving you tomorrow" Harry shot back a smirk, i had to but in..

"I WILL NOT LEAVE NIALL!" I growled at Harry, how could i have ever loved him, i hate Harry Styles.

"Just like you werent going to leave me, Ali once you find someone better than Niall you'll leave him like a used tissue, we werent even dating a week & you left me!" Harry Shouted at me, by now practically half the sophmores in my school were watching this pathetic fight.

"The reason i left you Harry, is because we were already fighting, you still loved your Ex, & now that im out of the way, you can fight for her, so why not leave me & niall alone!" I grabbed Nialls hand & marched off.


"God Harry just needs to stay out of mine & Nialls relationship!" I sat down at our usual lunch table.

"Relationship!?" Louis & Zayn shouted confused in Unison.

"Yes, he asked me out today in 1st hour, & i said yes" I smiled, speak of the devil here comes my gorgeous boyfriend now.

"Hey Babe." Niall sat beside me, putting his arm around my waist, I turned to him & kissed his puckered lips.

"AWWWE!" Lou, Zayn, Rachel, & my other bestfriend Payton Screached.

"You guys are embarrissing", i blushed & smacked lou's arm.

"But you love us" Louis smiled at me. He was right, i love them all.

"Yes, i do" I smiled back & began eating my lunch.


Lunch was over & now the day was half over. Next hour i have Niall & the boy i need to talk to about Harry, Liam Payne. I walked into my class & noticed Liam sitting alone.

"Hello, Liam?" i tapped his arm trying to get his attention from being to focused on his music.

"Uh, Hello" He looked at me confused i had to get this out..

"May i sit, i have alot to say?"

He still starred at me confusingly & nodded, i sat beside him.

"Well, as you probably know i dated Harry Styles, & while we were dating i asked him to be friends with my boyfriend Niall, your friend. He told me he wouldnt be friends with him because you & Niall were friends, & were apparently enimes, He said you stole Danielle Peazer from him, & i was wondering if that was true, you two seem like a very cute couple, the cutest in the school, & your so innocent i was doubting you stealing someone away from another. Also, Harry plans to 'win' Danielle back, & i wanted to warn you." Liam looked feirce & raised his eyebrows at me.

"Well Ali, let me just explain that, none of this is true, Danielle & Harry never dated, they had a thing then Danielle began to like me & we started dating, Harry was angry & made up a rumor that I stole her from him, when i honestly had no idea. All i knew is, Danielle was the sweetest, caring, loving, most beautiful girl i have ever laid eyes on & i had to take her, & make her mine. But me & Danielle have been perfect ever since with only a few fights in between our 2 year relationship, & if Harry comes inbetween us, i will beat his ass." Awe, that was the sweetest thing ever, now that i knew the truth i knew who was right & who was wrong i had to make sure Harry left Danielle & Liam alone, they were indeed perfect together.

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