If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


3. Chapter 3; The New Boy in School.

After Harry walking me home, & giving me his phone number. I lay on my bed just thinking of how crazy this is, that the most Popular boy in school, is now mine. & mine to hold, love, & kiss. It's crazy.

Before i know it i'm asleep. "I love you Ali" replays in my dream. kissing pasionatly.


My alarm awakens me from yet another wonderful dream, but today i have no reason to be upset over it, bc now my life is a dream, Harry styles is mine & nothings going to ruin that.

I look threw my closet & find some shorts, a belt, & a V neck T shit from Holister. I put my laided out outfit, & sit in front of my mirrior, i begin Curling my wavey hair. After im done my Blonde hair is now curled. I dont wear alot of makeup bc i dont believe its nessisary, i take my mascara & extend my eyelashes with it. Grab my bronze colored eyeshadow & lightly put it on my eye lids.

*Knock Knock Knock*

I walk down my staircase to see who it could be at this early in the morning, i open the door & theres my curly haired gorgeous boyfriend standing before my eyes.

"I was thnking i could give you a ride to school, now that were together" He blushes, & smiles crookedly.

"Of course! Let me grab a quick bit & we can head out." I go into the kitchen & grab a bannana from the fruit dish.

"Alright im ready" I say with a big wide smile

"Okay gorgeous, lets head out, & may i say you look absoulutly beautiful today, Wow." Harry smiles admiriring my presence.

We arrive at school, & Harry jumps out of the car & runs around to open my door before i can, how adorable, i walk out of his car & people stare at us shocked, Harry & i hold hands & walk into school leaving many confused people behind us.

"ALI!" I hear Lou scream.

"Yes, Lou?"

"Are you & Harry a Couple now?" He looks at Harry, Then back to me

I look at Harry as he smiles back at me then look back at Louis. "Yes we are" I smile proudly.

"AWWEEE!" Louis screeches like a girl.

Me & Harry giggle. "Well I have to get to class ill see you guys later" I smile at louis & wave.

Harry grabs my arm & spins me around, "See ya babe" & kisses me gentally.

my lips form into a smile, & we let go. "See you later aswelll" I smile back at my bestfriend once again & Harry, & walk down the hall to my class.

When i get into class of course im the first one, i sit in my usual back seat.

Everyone comes & sits down in there usual seats, a minute before the bell rings a boy walks in, he looks nervously, must be his first day. Although he probably has nothing to worry about he is quite Hansome if you ask me, his light bleach blonde hair flips upward, & his bright blue eyes shine. He looks around the room, no empty seats except the one beside me, he smiles at me shyly & walks over. He sits down besides me & begins tapping his pencil on the desk nervously.

"Hello, I'm Ali, & you are?" I turn towards the handsome boy beside me & smile.

"I'm Niall.., Nice to meet you." He gives me a nervous smile.

"Well since your new would you like to sit with me & my friends today at lunch, unless you want to sit by more cooler people, im not really popular, & quite odd." I giggle, god is this boy flawless, im with Harry what am i thinking but it doesnt matter if i admire someones looks, its not like i like the boy.

"Sure, & im not really the Popular type anyways" He smiles at me with his newly braced teeth.

"Okay well i will see you there i guess" i Smile back at him.


I walk into the classroom & scan the room no empty seats, i see a girl in the back, beautiful blonde hair, & gorgeous blue eyes i could get lost in. I smile nervously & see she has a seat next to her open, i walk over to her & sit besides her, im quite the shy, nervous type if you ask me. I begin tapping my pencil on the desk, i think she noticed.

"Hello, I'm Ali, & you are?" My god her voice is even flawless, i could get used to sitting here.

I look for the right words the say yet they still come in studder, "I'm N-Niall.., Nice to meet you." I smile shyly, Niall your so stupid this girl will never like you, your just ordinary, shes probably popular, look at her shes Gorgeous.

"Well since your new, would you like to sit with me & my friends today at lunch, unless you want to sit by more cooler people, im not really popular, & quite odd." MY GOD YES, thats what i wanted to scream, but i have to stay cool. Stay cool Niall. But really, odd, not popular who could not like her look at her shes Flawless, but shes not popular, this school is odd, Nothing like Mullingar.

"Sure & im not really the Popular type anyways" I smile, oh my i shouldnt smile i must look like an idiot smileing with braces at 16 years old, & i just got them.

"Okay well i will see you there i guess" She says smiling back at me, Her smile makes me want to melt, i must learn more about this girl. She seems Great, i really would love to get to know her & in the future possibly date her, shes Flawless, & seems like a great person in general.

& the bell rings.. Next hour here i come, i cant wit to see who i have with me next, this day is turning out great.


I walk to my locker, that was weird. I really feel a connection with this new boy, i feel a spark.. Snap out Ali you have a boyfriend & thinking of him, here he comes so gorgeous.

"Hello Babe, you miss me?" He comes up & kisses me gentally.

"Of course why wouldnt i miss my wonderful boyfriend?" I smile. & hug him, but then behind Harry staring right at us was Niall, looking hurt. Did he feel the same connection with me as i did with him, I feel so bad..

"Well ill let you go to your next class, I love you" Harry kisses me once more on the lips & i smile & walk away.

-a couple hours later-

is now lunch time, i grab my lunch & sit at our everyday table, i look around for Niall who seems to spot me & walk over.

"Hi" He looks at me, nervous as always.

I smile at him & pat the spot next to me, hoping for him to notice i ment sit down next to me. "Hiya, These are my friends Louis, Zayn, & Halliee" I point to each of them one by one saying there names.

"Hi Im Louis & i met you in 3rd hour." Louis smiles at me, making sure i know he likes this kid, & wants him to join our group.

"Hi im Zayn we havent met yet, well now we did." Zayn says looking at himself in the spoon again fixing his already perfect hair.

"Nice to meet you Niall, im Halliee" She smiles at him adoringly, i think she likes him, im not really sure i like that, well im with Harry i should care but something in me does..

"Hi everyone im Niall again, its nice to meet you all" He says smiling shoving his lunch into his mouth.

Wow this boy can eat, throughout lunch we just Chat getting to know eachother, & make comments, i think i picked the perfect boy to join us today.

The lunch bell rings & we all walk to our classes, i spot Harry & we walk into 4th hour together. We sit down at the back table we were sitting at yesterday, & just talk.

"So i met this really nice new kid today, His name is Niall & i think you 2 would be really good friends" I say to Harry smiling hopeing he agree's.

"I met him today, in 2nd hour we didnt really talk but he seems okay, i guess.. He's friends with my Enime though, You know him, Liam Payne, well were not really friends bc he stole my girlfriend of 5 years last year, we were really good friends, but now were not. You know his girlfriend Danielle Peazer? Well i was dating her for 5 years, & we were madly in love, atleast i thought we were untill he stole her. I have nothing against her, shes the Sweetest girl ever, she just thought i was a Man whore, bc of a lie Liam told her, but im over that now." Harry Explains getting a little upset  can tell he really misses her, this hurts bc he's my boyfriend & he misses another girl.

"Well, that doesnt mean you have to not like Niall because of his friends" i reply a bit annoyed.

"Whatever, you wouldnt understand." Harry snaps & turns his head. Now this was making me angry, maybe this isnt working out, if were fighting already...

The bell rings & i get up & walk out i dont really want to talk to Harry right now he really got on my nerves trying to blam Niall for something he wasnt even here for, he's friends with your Enime oh well, you dont have to be friends with Liam, you can just be friends with Niall.

The last 2 hours fly by, & i walk out of the school, Alone. I didnt want to take a bus. So i just walked...


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