If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


2. Chapter 2; & the Feelings are Revealed ♥

As i'm walking down the hallways i spot the adoring curly haired boy of Perfection, he is Staring right at me, why? Why has he been doing this all day, I begin to walk by him & suddenly my thoughts are inturupted.

"Ali?" Harry asks so purfectly, Why is he talking to me? We have never talked before not since 2nd Grade...? I lose my train of thought, "Ali?" he asks again, i turn around rapidly. "Sorry, yes?" i give him a slight smile.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hangout today after school maybe go to the lake?" Was Harry Styles asking me on a date, My god. Are my dreams really coming true? He's so perfect, it cant be Posible he feels the same way about me, this is probably just some Friend thing. But then again, he's never talked to me before, so out of the blue.. Oh well, im not going to question Harry, he's finally doing what i've always dreamed of.

After about 2 minutes I finally come back to my sences, "Sure Harry, what time would you like me to meet you?" I smile brightly, he smiles back, my god those adoring dimples, so perfect.

"After school, if thats alright?" Harry blushes. Wow this is really happening, is he shy?

"Of course, see you there" I reply trying to cover my blushed cheeks & begin to walk away.

My day goes by more quickly, knowing a have a Date? with Harry Styles, before i know it is lunch time.

"Zayn, you have got to stop looking at your reflection in spoons, you are to obsessed with your image, you such a girl!" i tease. My other bestfriend Louis laughs at my teasing. Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson are my bestfriends, i hangout with mostly boys, Girls irritate me, but i also have a few close girl friends.. but there nothing compared to my boys.

"Pft, why dont you just go drool over Mr. PERFECTION so you call him, & stop worrying about me." Zayn comebacks.

"I have no need to Drool zayn, Harry has asked me to go to the lake with him after school today" i Smile a big cheeky smile as i say proudly.

The lunch bell rings, & we begin to head back to our classes, the day is finally half over & i have Harry in my next class.

I walk in, first as always, & pick a seat in the back of the classroom, i like to sit in the back & be alone. I just think & draw possibly write a bit, during classes.

The gorgeous curly haired boy walks into the room, turning his head looking for the perfect seat, he see's me & smiles. my heart melts, he begins walking towards me. is he going to sit next to me? I wonder..

"Hi, is this seat taken?" his strong perfect British accent sinks into my mind.

"No, go ahead, be my guest" i reply Smiling widely.

He sits down next to me, he looks so nervous.. But why? Why would "the" most popular boy in school be nervous around an ordinary girl like me?

We chat during class a bit but mostly just playing that game where one person will be starring at the other & then when they look you turn your head around like you were never even looking.

I begin drawing a bit, i do this alot i draw a flower with the stem looping into the shape of a heart.

"Wow, your good." I hear Harry compliment besides me, i forgot he was sitting there, but really? He likes my drawings, this boy is really surprising me today with affection.

"Thanks, im not really good at drawing much but i guess im good with flowers" i take my pen & above my drawing write "Ali Moore♥" with a signature heart & my name in cursive. I pass my Drawing aside to Harry, & slightly smile.

He takes it an admires it like a new born baby has arrived, then turns to face me & smiles "Thanks, you didnt have to but i love it"

"Your welcome, & no problem i have like a billion of those same drawings, i really like to draw flowers, & hearts."

I feel his hand touch mine, it feels like electricity is pouring into me. Harry's hand flips mine over & puts its fingers in between mine, they fit perfectly. He closes his hand into mine & i do aswell. Is Harry holding my hand, this is quite strange.. But in a good way..

The Hour bell rings, & i wait for Harry to un intertwine our lock, but he doesnt, he looks at me with a sweet smile & we just walk down the halls, holding hands. Something has to be up..

My next hours fly by, & before i know it my school day is over, I pack my book bag, & walk out the school doors & begin heading to the lake. When i arrive i see the curly haired boy on the beach flicking rocks into the water & watching as the skip, 1..2..3..4.. & sometimes 5 times, i set my bag down & begin walking towards him.

He turns around & gives me a huge cheesy smile, "Hello there".

"Hiya, you are quite a flirt so i shall say mr.Styles" & give him a wink recapping 4th hour.

He smiles back "If you would let me explain i will, but first Ms.Moore, i think we should enjoy this wonderful beach." He takes my hand & runs, forceing me to follow.

I spot a already made picnik, i stare at it in Awe, this is adorable, i think Harry Styles is really planning this for a date, but why?

After eating, talking, & laughing, this has been by far the best date i've ever been on. I deside to pop the question that has been in my mind the whole day.

"Hey Harry, can i ask you somthing?" i ask nervously.

"Of Course you can!" Half yells the excited boy

"Well um, this has been on my mind all day, but why did you ask me to come on this 'date' with you? Not rudely but like i never would think you would want to go on a date with me?" Oh god, why did i even bring this up he must think im dumb.

Harry looks at the ground nervously.., "Well, Um, I--, Like you? Idk im sorry, this is weird.."

"No, its not! your just Shy, i get it, but Harry, i like you too.. I have since 2nd Grade, i was just Nervous bc you were always so wildly Popular" I explain.

Harry just stares at me, is he shocked? Im not sure, he Grabs my hand into his, & drags me up again, I run with im as he's heading straight for the water, I didnt bring a bathing suit but, i guess a bra & underwear will work. i begin taking my dress. for Harry is already in his shorts & no shirt, god does this boy have an amazing body, & he likes me, today just gets Crazier & crazier.

Harry drags me into the water with him, & takes me under, when we come above we just float hands interlocked. I look him in the eyes, & ask him "How long have you liked me?"

He stares at me with adortion, "Since i first laid eyes on you" I smile & before i can reply his lips are crashed into mine, we kiss pasionatly, twirling around in the shoulder length water, i jump into Harry's Arms & wrap my legs around him, its just like i've always dreampt about but, better..

He drags us out of the water still holding me in his arms, kissing me pastionatly, & he lays us in the sand, we unlink our lip lock in unison & stare into eachothers eye's.

"Ali?" Harry says breaking the stare.

"Yes, Harry?" I say Smileing i cant believe whats going on, are we a couple?

"I Love you." The words struck like bursting fireworks, i jump in excitment into his arms once again.

"I Love you too Harry." I Say with true love. & Kiss him once again passionatly.

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