If Only Love Had An Answer. - A One Direction Fanfiction.

If Only Love Had An Answer: A One Direction Fanfic.

Young 16 year old Ali Moore is just an Ordinary girl who falls Head over heels for the most Popluar of boys, This one just happens to be Harry Styles "The" Most popular Boy in Highschool. What she doesnt know is that perhaps he may feel the same way, although she she is in love with Harry, a New boy in school may change her mind. With his Sweet charm, & unresistible looks, could he Steal away Harry's girl? Or will Ali just remain Friends. Through up's & downs, Ex's & admirers. How will Ali choose, if she desides to.

Just a scoop on about the Story, please give me Idea's & who you may believe this Sweet prince may turn out to be as the story goes on.(:

xoxo- Alex:D


1. Chapter 1; Just a Dream

Following rose petals & candles, Ali was following the path laid out by her admirier.

As she got to the spot a note was attached to the table for two set for them, "Turn around & ill reveal myself(;" Is all it said, turning around & seeing right in front of her eyes was the gorgeous,

Harry Styles.

Ali ran up to him, as he opened his arms for her to fall into them. He hugged her tight, as she looked up at him, she crashed her lips against his. This was the moment she was waiting for all he childhood & teenage years, she felt a Smile form onto his lips, as he looked down to her, "I love you Ali Moore", "I love you, i love you, i love.."


She awakened from her beautiful dream, & sighed. "it was all a dream" she thought to herself, why would she ever believe Harry Styles loved her..

Ali got out of bed & began to dress in a white floral dress just above the knee, with a navy blue ribbon around the waist. Perfect for her first day of school.

She got down stairs & began fixing herself a bowl of Lucky Charms it was always quite quiet in her house it was only Her, Her mum, & her older brother Ryan. Who was always oh so protective of her, Never wanted her to date bc he knew if she did once in her life she would get Heartbroken, & never wanted that to happen.

"Goodmorning you excited for your first day?" A firmiliar voice came behind her, it was her brother Ryan. Ryan was  tall blonde haired blue eyed like me.

"Goodmorning, Yes yes i am, are you ready for your first day of being a senior?!" Excitment show on Ali's face.

"YES!" Shouted my eagerly to reply brother. "Well Ryan my bus is here See ya!" She hugged her brother & ran out the door, & got on the bus.

"ALI YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!" Complimented her bestfriend's Rachel & Louis.

"Thank you! but honestly do you think he will notice me finally?" Ali asked winking, they all knew who she was talking about. The adoring Harry Styles.

"I think he already did." Louis whispears pointing to Harry who was sitting a couple seats ahead staring right at her, smiling with those adoring dimples. Did he actually find her pretty, Ali wondered..

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