Maybe Just A Summer Romance....

Skye and her best friend Millie spent their Saturday in London, like they do every weekend...
Skye has never really been the romantic type but when 2 members of teen-heart-throb boyband One Direction end up falling for her will her unlucky streak of no-luck-boyfriends end here? And which member will get his girl? Skye feels the same way about one member but not the other...will she begin to have feelings for her secret admirer after her perfect boyfriend ended up breaking her heart....?? My first fan fic so haven't had much practice!! Will take constructive critiscism;)xxxxxx


2. "Zayn...?

"ooh! Who's that then Zayn?" Said a voice, which had a thick Irish accent.
'N-no-one...Niall, just shut up okay...' Zayn stammered, looking into my eyes. Im guessing it was Niall who had the Irish accent. I blushed and looked away from Zayn, trying to find Millie. She was standing a few metres away, and was fangirling wildly.
'Calm it Mill! What's so big?' I laughed shakily. Was Zayn still looking at me? If he was, what did it mean? Who is Zayn? And why was Millie freaking out? I thought about these questions for a long time, well what I thought was a long time. Before I realised I was still on the floor, I took hold of Zayns hand and he started to pull me up. I couldn't think of anything else apart from the shivers going down my spine and the fireworks in my lungs and heart.
'It'''s' Millie gasped
'One Direction? Ahaha! That's us babe!' A cute curly haired boy said to Millie, who was now hyperventilating frantically. Another boy, who looked cute, but I didn't like him in that way...hang on do I know what that way was? I thought I never loved anyone? Or did I? Anyway the cute boy ripped me away my thoughts,
' Hey! I'm Liam.' He said to me looking into my eyes, I blushed and looked away. 'That's Niall, Harry, Louis, and as you know, Zayn!' He carried on ignoring me blush furiously as he spoke. Maybe I liked him...
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