Maybe Just A Summer Romance....

Skye and her best friend Millie spent their Saturday in London, like they do every weekend...
Skye has never really been the romantic type but when 2 members of teen-heart-throb boyband One Direction end up falling for her will her unlucky streak of no-luck-boyfriends end here? And which member will get his girl? Skye feels the same way about one member but not the other...will she begin to have feelings for her secret admirer after her perfect boyfriend ended up breaking her heart....?? My first fan fic so haven't had much practice!! Will take constructive critiscism;)xxxxxx


1. OMG

Skye's POV

'Nooooo! Gerroff me!' I squirmed underneath the weight of my best friend, Millie. 'Oh C'mon! We'll miss our train!' She yelled, excitedly.

We always spend our Saturdays up in London, Rain or Shine! I've always loved the vintage double-decker buses and the relaxed, carnival themed markets, and Millie, well she loves chatting up cute boys down Oxford Street, while I amble around Primark picking out bluey ripped jeans and red striped jumpers!

I have no luck at all with boys. Not now. Probably not ever. But I don't really care about boys even though I'm 18 in a month..' COME ON SKYE!' I was ripped away from my thoughts as Millie bellowed down my ear. I shot out of bed, sitting bolt upright and smashing my head with Millie's on the way. I chuckled and soon Millie and I were laughing so hard we were literally rolling on the floor!
' Err...privacy woman?' I teased after I could finally speak,
'Okay!Okay!' Millie gasped, holding up her hands in defence. She backed out of the room with an evil smile, and before I knew it 'Gotta Be You' was blearing out from behind her door....God I hate those One Direction cocky, so irritating,

I pulled on my favourite floral playsuit, brushed my hair, topped up my make up, leaving it natural like I always do amd slumped downstairs, Millie looked flipping georgous as she always does! She handed me a plate of pancakes and told me to sit down and eat. I had a feeling something was going to happen today, so I pushed the plate away, leaving Millie to clean up. I looked at the clock: it was 9:45, the train leaves in 15 minutes and I takes ten to get to the station.
'MILLIEEE! It's quarter to 10! We have to go! NOWW!' I screamed
'Okay Skye, im coming alright!' Millie yelled back.
'I'll be in the car Mills' I said storming out and waiting in our car!.
Millie's POV

God! Skye can be soo moody sometimes! I shoved the plate of untouched pancakes into the fridge so I can have them for supper tonight! I sighed and made my way to the door, taking a good look around the small house me and Skye share. I shut the door and ran to Skye's red beetle so we could make it to the station.

Skye's POV

I zoomed to the station and quickly parked the car. Me and Millie rushed to the ticket booth and bought our tickets for the next train into London! We sped walked to where the train was and I was pushed to the floor by a masculine body.
'oh! Im so sorry babe' a husky, deep British voice said as he offered his hand to help me up...
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