Diving into love

Zandra a 18 year old thats from england might have tO take chances with love and risk her carrier as a diver. Will the boy of her dreams turn up or will he be another stick in the mud.

{no hate please this is my first fan fic so please like it}


3. not what you think?

nialls pov

am i going crazy or im just hearing stuff. i was almost in tears i was scared i turned to zandra and she was laughing.

"what?" i asked with suspicion

"you just got punked" she was laughing then i saw amanda come out of the dj box

"arent u swimming" i asked wondering 

"Well that was fun, im not going swimming im doing to the dj, so if have you have any request come to the window" 

**skip the swim**

2 hrs later

zandras pov

i really didnt want niall to go. i wanted them to stay. we had enough rooms for them all to have there own rooms. i heard niall speaking to amanda

" we should be going, home" 

as i spoke up before he could finish

" its very late, its 11 pm we have enough rooms for everyone to sleep in then you can drive home towmorow"

as they all agreed i showed them there rooms. in each room there were my older brothers clothes when he lived here so they all wore those clothes. As me and niall  were sitting on the coach. we heard  a laugh then amanda waved me in to the music room.

" bibbles whats wrong?"

" zayn asked me to go out with him"

she had a smile that could light up the world

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