Diving into love

Zandra a 18 year old thats from england might have tO take chances with love and risk her carrier as a diver. Will the boy of her dreams turn up or will he be another stick in the mud.

{no hate please this is my first fan fic so please like it}


2. Is this real

Nialls pov
" ermm guys i am staaarrrvviiinngg, harry and louis can we please go to nandos"
As harry and louis were going to say no i grabbed there wrists and pulled them to the car and drove off.
"niall why do we have to go" moaned harry
" because i dont want to go in looking likeg this, we look radicoulis with descises on, we are here mates"
As i walked i saw this beautiful girl standing there. Her long dark cherry red hair was just longer then her shoulders buy 2" and she was tall with a good body on her. As i starred intil she finally turned around and smiled at me. Her brown eyes were franed by a beautiful face and she had a ratainour that made her teeth shine. As i kept starring intil she looked at me and smiled again the i finally snapped out of the dayez and since we were next in line we ordered. As i looked around there was no seats besides the 3 next to the girl i was crushing on. As we were walkin the other i way i felt someone tap my shoulder i turned around and there was her fried
"uh hi we have 3 extra seats next to us do u want them" shhe was pretty to i saw she was an obvouis fan of guns'n'roses
" uhh guys wanna sit with them?" as i turned to the boys who were making there way already to the table i went to join. There was a seat next to her open as i rushed to get i did. I wonder why the boys didnt want to sit there maybe the knew i liked her. I turned to her and introduced myself
"uhh hi i am niall
" hey im zandra, arent you from the boy band something direction" she whispered as she probaly was thinking about not blowing our cover

Zandras pov
After we talked for about an our louis turned to be
"hiia im louis do u like carrots? And pigeons?
" yes i do and i love pigeons i actually have a pet pigeon"
" ok thats aweesoome"
I turned to niall
" do you and the 4 others want to come swimming at my house?
He replied softly with his accent still hevly there
" ill text zayn and liam but the boys do" i turned to see them nodding
BUZZ•BUZZ•BUZZ i got a text from lia
Lia: hey zani manda said you were with sone cuties ;)
Me: wanna cOme for a swim i think you will really
Like liam p.
Lia: liam payne umm idk maybe :) I will see you in an hr?
Me: kool c u then :) xx

As niall turned to me with a wiered face
" we dont have shorts and neither do the others"
" dont worry i have a few guy shorts at home you can wear" i smile devisouly

**********skip car ride*************

nialls pov
We arrived to a mansion. As i got out i realized backpart of the house was 5 stories high. As the gurls obvisouly beat us the rushed in an but not zandra she waited show us where were going as
we walked in it was very modern and chic
" u guys are going straight then turn left till u see a green door marked boys then to get to the pool walk threw the little door in the closet k" she smiled and walked away then left
As i walked in there were about 5 racks of bathing suit shorts and all brand new.
as i saw the coolest pair i grabbed them and walked to the change room, as i heard someone behind me it was louis he had ones the had red with strips and in the bottom corner a pigeon. The shorts were made for him. I changed into my line green and tourqouise shorts i walked out and zayn and liam were there in there shorts aswell as harry and louis. Zayn had blue shorts, liam had a cool purple pair, louis wearing his red striped pigeon pants and harry settled for black.
As we went into the closet to find the door the guys wondered why the closet as u pushed the litel door to find a huge pool with 3 towers as i looked up zandra was on the top in a green and tourqouise full peice which was exagt as mine as she dove backward s landing perfectly. As her head popped up she waived then all of a sudden we heard a scream.
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