everything will be alright! ~Zayn~

Heather is a girl who has been forced to moved to England by her parents, yet she hasn't seen them sense she was a toddler, Kyle her brother, and her do not get along well, Kyle is over protective, and well yells a lot, Kyle brought new friends over that didn't seem to be like his Type of personality, Heather starts to fall for the Dark haired guy, then Tragedy strikes, and Heather is forced to move on, and she now Knows Love will be there for her in the end.


9. #9

We were standing in the waiting room, a long while.  "Zayn, what if dies and my parents decide they want to come back? you know what no, i will not allow them too" i felt a bit of anger come across me. "okay, well uh, i don't know about your parents situation very well, so uh follow your heat in what you think you need to do" he sounded puzzled. i didn't say anything but looked around the room, hoping to see the doctor. "i will always will support your choice, no matter what' he said now grabbing both of my hands bringing me closer. he wrapped his arms around me and mine were on his chest, i laid my head on his shoulder slash collar bone, and he rested his head on mine. he is so sweet, i love how he knows when to be cuddly , sweet, sensitive ,  gentle guy, and when to be loud, a bad ass, i don't give a fuck  kind of guy. i'm falling more and more with him as time goes on.  *Zayn's P.O.V*  i grabbed both of her hands bringing her closer to me, then i wrapped my arms around her, and hers were on my chest between her and i, her head now laid upon my shoulder and collar bone. she is just so adorable, Heather, i just love to say her name, she is so cute and so caring, i know she is stressed but i'm falling for her more and more , just with every touch and look at her. The doctor finally came over to us, and asked "are you Miss Heather Riemer?" looking at Heather. we then broke our hug.  *Heather's P.O.V*  the Doctor finally decided to show up, he asked looking straight at me "are you Miss Heather Riemer?", Zayn and i broke our hug, and i replied quickly  "yes i am". i only spoke fast , hoping he would hurry up and tell me how Kyle is doing! *Doctor's P.O.V*  she quickly said "yes i am' i could hear the fear and sincere in her voice for what i am about to tell her. i looked down towards the ground, because i could see her eyes were still glossy from tears and what i am about to say will only bring them all back but this time worse. i now looked back up, to see her eyes full of tears waiting to stream down her cheeks. what looked to be Zayn Malik form little girls favorite band was now holding her once again. "well" i paused on not sure how to say nor put it in words. "we preformed emergency surgery and well i'm so sorry to tell you this but uhh , unfortunately it hadn't work, and right as of now he only has till sundown, again i am sorry to have to be the one telling you." i could hardly bare to look her nor Zayn,  for she had tears streaming down her face like an waterfall. "if you'd like you can go see him" still trying to look but i could see the hurt and the pain in her tearful eyes. *Heather's P.O.V* "well" the Doctor paused, he looked lost on words, for then i knew what he was going to say. i now felt tears working their way in my eyes, i fought against them, i took a hold of Zayn's hand and gripped is somewhat tight. "we preformed Emergency Surgery , and i am so sorry to tell you this" by now i was crying hard, Zayn pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. "but uh, unfortunately it hadn't worked  and as of right now he only has till sundown, again i am sorry to be the one telling you" i could see the Doctor had a hard time looking at me. Zayn had pulled me in tighter, still i was sobbing, harder and harder each moment. i berried my head into his Chest. then i heard the doctor say "if you;d like you can go see him" then when i looked to look at the doctor, he was gone!  "everything will be alright babe" Zayn kissed the top of my head and kept going, :i"m not ever going to leave your sight, i will make sure guys and me take care of you, and if your parents do come back i will be right behind you with you decision" i looked up at him to see he did have shed a tear or  two, i couldn't help but notice how well he listens. he could very well be the one for me!

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