everything will be alright! ~Zayn~

Heather is a girl who has been forced to moved to England by her parents, yet she hasn't seen them sense she was a toddler, Kyle her brother, and her do not get along well, Kyle is over protective, and well yells a lot, Kyle brought new friends over that didn't seem to be like his Type of personality, Heather starts to fall for the Dark haired guy, then Tragedy strikes, and Heather is forced to move on, and she now Knows Love will be there for her in the end.


18. #18

*Danielle's P.O.V* i heard the Front door open , and Heard sniffling as if someone were crying. i stopped what i was doing, which i was prepping for dinner, that i wanted to cook for the guys and Heather.. but when i  stepped out of the kitchen i saw Zayn and Heather entering with their hands full. and Heather has tears streaming down her cheeks, and Zayn was following her.. i wounder what happened between them.. i have never seen Zayn take a liken to girl like the way he has with Heather.. and she has tears, ohh what did he do.. i know she must like him a lot for accpeting his offer to move in. i think i need to talk with her.. maybe i could help.. i followed them up to her room, and they closed the door behind them.. but i decided to knock, KNOCK KNOCK i tapped not to hard but not to light.. and then the door was opened by Zayn. "hey, I just wanted to talk to Heather. " he stepped aside and let me in.. she was just laying on her bed starring at the ceiling. "alone Zayn." i looked at him stern but nicely . he  left the room and i sat on the edge of her bed said "Hey, Heather i am Danielle, i am Liam's Girlfriend. i have heard lot about you from the Guys.. " she looked and at me and gave me a small smile. "whats wrong love, is it Zayn, do i need Liam to beat him up" i  asked then made a bad joke because she didn't laugh. " oh no , its Not Zayn at all.. " she trailed off but still looking at me as if she were studying me , if she could trust me or not "don't worry Heather, you can trust me with anything.. so what happened Love" i smiled a small but effective smile , she smiled back and then began to speak "its my mum and pa, i haven't seen them sense i was a little girl and never been really part of my life really, and now that my brother Kyle has uhh passed, they moved into the house i had lived in before here. and want me to come back, and then on our way home today from the store my Father called me and is wanting me to come over to their flat to at least talk. and i'm not to sure if i am ready nor wanting too" she stopped and new tears replaced the ones that were dried on her cheeks, i brought her into a hug , ohh jeeze, her brother passed.. that must be the guys Liam was telling me about.. aw. and her parents for one sound like Assholes, and if i were her i would talk to them, but never go back to them. "i am sorry to hear that love, but may i suggest something to you" i pulled out from the hug, and she looks at me and nods, whilst wiping her tears away. i then continued "i think you should talk to them but have the guys and i go with you so that you could have protection to anything that might happen and just talk with them.. " she looked at me and laid back down ." Heather you'r going to have to talk to them some day." i reminded her. " okay. go get the guys please.. i am ready" she got up and went to her bathroom and fixed up her make up. i walked out of her room to go gather up the guys and tell them the plan, they now all sat in the main floors living room "alright guys, we all are going to over to Heather's Parents flat, so they can talk, but you all have to be there just in case something were to go wrong. k good, now you know" i couldn't help but want to help heather out, she is now like a sister to me , because well of i am dating Liam and Zayn and him are like brothers.. "i am going to go get her, so go get in the car." i informed them but demanded. i walked back up the stairs to and made my way to Heather's  room, once i was inside she was no where to be found, okay this is weird.. i ran back down to the guys , they were all in the Car, "uhh guys Heather is no where to be found" i quickly said my voice was shaky, "i think i know where she is" Zayn said and got up and went inside. moments later they were coming out of the house. *Zayn's P.O.V*  Danielle told us she was no where to be found , "i think i know where she is" i said while getting up and walking inside.. there is only one place that she could be.. my Art room. i got to her room and went up the stairs and found her looking out the window, "there you are love, you had Danielle in a panic" she looked at me and she had that same look that she did when her brother was in the Hospital; hurt, broke down, giving up. "Babe you are alright, me and the rest of the gang will be there with you, we all love you Heather" i said grabbing her into a hug. "you love me Zayn.?" she looked up at me with her glossy red eyes. "uh well yes i do"  i smiled at her, then she leaned up and Kissed me, so passionately and so perfect , like every other time i touch and kiss her there were sparks, but yet more this time, she pulled away and said "i love you too" and smiled, she pulled out of our hug and grabbed my hand and we then were off to see her parents. 

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