everything will be alright! ~Zayn~

Heather is a girl who has been forced to moved to England by her parents, yet she hasn't seen them sense she was a toddler, Kyle her brother, and her do not get along well, Kyle is over protective, and well yells a lot, Kyle brought new friends over that didn't seem to be like his Type of personality, Heather starts to fall for the Dark haired guy, then Tragedy strikes, and Heather is forced to move on, and she now Knows Love will be there for her in the end.


16. #16

*Zayn's P.O.V*  when we got back to her House, the guys were still there.. we went on in and they were chasing each other, Heather and i nearly got tackled by them. "oh sorry lads" Naill said nearly running into me. just then Harry ran into the wall.. "how did that get there" all of us were laughing at him.. he blushed bug time. he went and sat down on the couch, next to Liam. "hey , i am going to my things together" Heather said letting go of my hand and going upstairs. all the guys pushed me to living room and Liam asked.. "what does she mean? is she moving in?"  i shot them a smile and said "yes she is, tonight" the guys looked at me like i was crazy. "what? her parents are coming back tomorrow and she doesn't want to see nor talk to them" i explained why. "oh yeah Kyle told me about there parents.. i understand lad" Liam says understanding why so quickly. "and guys.. I asked her to be my Girlfriend" i blushed slightly and smiled big. "she said..." Harry trailed off.. "well what do you think?" i asked "yay Zayn no longer the bad single boy" Louis joked. "well i am going to go help her" i said and stood up but on my way out Liam said "let me know if you guys need help, the guys and i would be more than happy to lend a hand!" "thanks Liam" i smiled and went on up stairs. i walked in to her room, she had out her suit case and putting her clothes into it, "you need help love" i asked. "no, i don't think so" she replied. i sat down on her bed. she took her pictures down already, and almost all of her clothes were in her suitcases. she got up and went to her bathroom and got things and brought them back and put in her suitcase. "i think i am all done, wait" she said then trailed off.. she went to her closet and came out with a box. "now i am ready" she smiled. i grabbed two of her cases, and a couple jackets. she grabbed her other suitcase and her box. we got down stairs , the guys were getting their shoes on. "hold on i want to grab a few things" heather said, while going and grabbing some pictures off the wall "alright i am ready" she flashed a small smile. the guys looked up , the all stood up and their way out the door, "well see you when you get to the house" Liam said. we got the car and put her suitcase in the back. *Heather's P.O.V* we got to the guys and now i's house , Zayn was being such a sweetheart and helping me with my suitcases. "thanks Zayn" i said to him once we got to my room. "anything for you babe" he cheerfully says. "i am going to my room for a bit okay" he says to me then leans down for a peck on the lips.  "oh okay" i said. then he left my new room. i started to unpack.. i noticed three doors in my room. i got up and went to one, i opened it up , it has a huge walk in closet, many shelves for shoes and plenty of room to hang clothes, and even hand built in drawers, i opened one up to see that it only holds jewelry, i opened the next one it only held Glasses. wow this was nice.. i left the closet and went to the next door, it was a big bathroom, oh so nice.. it had a bath and a shower, two sinks and lots of drawers. and now i went to the third door, i opened it up , it was a flight of stairs, i walked up them their was another door at the top i opened it up to see Zayn's art room, it was so colorful and beautiful, i walked around the room looking at his artwork it was so amazing. i think i shall go down and unpack some more. i went back down to my room and closed the door to the stairway. i was unpacking my clothes , i had just bout all of it put away along with my shoes. when all the guys came in my room with a cake.. "what is that for?" i asked smiling like a fool. "this is to welcome you into our home" Liam says . "oh guys you shouldn't have. but thanks though" i said happily. "alright lets eat" Niall says. "come on then" Louis urges me out of my room and down stairs to the kitchen with the rest of them, we ate out piece while Niall ate what we didn't which was like half the cake. after Liam was done , he went to Danielle's  house. and Louis left to go to Eleanor's, and Niall went to hang with his friend Olly and Harry left to go somewhere with a friend, so it was just me and Zayn home. it was nice because it was quite. no loud boys yelling around the house. Zayn was off somewhere in the house so i decide to go back into my room to do more unpacking.. i was about done when i heard a knock then my door open. "hey" i said looking up to see Zayn standing in the door way. "hey babes, you want to watch a movie?" he asked "sure, what movie" i smiled. "a horror?" he said in a more of a questioning tone. "oh.. uh okay"i said,  i don't really scary movies, cause well their scary. "don't worry babe, i'm right here. " he said, he must have noticed i was unsure. " okay, well i be out there in a second , i am going to change in to Jammers ." i said , he said "alright love" he said leaving my room, i walked over to the closet and got  [polyvore]  i went out of my room and down the hall to the Living room, he was sitting on the couch wearing [tumblr_m1mdw5HfXg1rrfzjko1_400] i sat down next to him on the couch. "you ready" he says. "uh kind of" i said. "aw babe, i am right here, i will hold you if you get scared" he says putting his arm around me, which sent butterflies off in my stomach.  *Zayn's P.O.V* "aw babe, i am right here, i will hold you if you get scared" i wrapped my arm around her bringing her closer to me, i started the movie, i felt her get even closer, she put her arm around my stomach and i could feel her grip on my shirt. the movie was on and it was dead silent in the house besides for the movie, the sun was setting, and no lights were on, i could feel her tensing up in some parts and then the movie got even more scary to he she no had her face in my body, i now had both arms around her, she was peeking to watch the movie , she was adorable scared, we should watch more together, i like having her in my arms like this. "EEEEEE" she eeked. "what was that.." i asked. "sorry, that is my scream, i eek" she responded looking right into my eyes. "oh i see' i said chuckling, "what?" she asked. the movie made a terrifying noise, which made Heather jump and hide her face again. the movie was over and it was about 8 pm , she looked to scared to move anywhere, "are you that scared.?" i asked. "yeah, kind of" she looked so scared , you could just hear the fear in her voice, "i'm sorry love, i didn't know it would scare ya this bad" i said holding her still. now i feel bad that she is this scared.  "i want to go to bed now" she said not moving an inch. "okay," i let go of her she stood up, and grabbed my hand, she lead us to her room. "you go first babe" she grabbed on to my arm, and hid behind me, i opened up her door and when we were both in i closed the door behind her, she climbed into the bed . i sat down on her bed. "what you not coming in?" she asked still looking scared out of her mind. "i didn't know you wanted me too" i responded. "please" she sounded like a little girl. i climbed in and put my arm around her, she ended up turning to her side, which i now did to, we were spooning, i had my arm around her waist and my other arm was under her head, she had her arm on my mine around her waist. we both quickly fell asleep.  *Louis's P.O.V* i got home to see that Harry , Liam and Danielle were here too, "hey guys" i greeted them as i went into the living room, "hey boo" Harry says to me. "wheres the others." i asked. "Niall is with Olly , and Zayn and Heather, uh i don't know, out or either asleep, " Liam informs me. "i want to go on a hunt for them, if they are here." i said an shot up from where i was sitting , i felt a little tipsy though, "i am coming too" Harry shot up too, we ran up the stairs and down the left hall to Wayne's room, "Wayne's and Heather are not in here" Harry says, he and i took off running to Heather's bedroom. i slid to a stop before reaching the door. "shh, if they are here i don't want to wake them" i whispered.  Harry just laughed silently, i opened up the door to see Zayn and Heather sound asleep , whilst spooning. i closed the door and ran like i saw something i really shouldn't have. Harry was right behind me. we got to the downstairs living room. "oh god. " i said. "i know" Harry says in return. "what lads?" Liam asked, he was sitting with one arm around Danielle. "they ... they .. they are spooning" i stuttered . "but they are asleep" Harry added. "oh guys," Danielle says. the both laughed.  

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