everything will be alright! ~Zayn~

Heather is a girl who has been forced to moved to England by her parents, yet she hasn't seen them sense she was a toddler, Kyle her brother, and her do not get along well, Kyle is over protective, and well yells a lot, Kyle brought new friends over that didn't seem to be like his Type of personality, Heather starts to fall for the Dark haired guy, then Tragedy strikes, and Heather is forced to move on, and she now Knows Love will be there for her in the end.


15. #15


*Zayn's P.O.V*  i grabbed her hand and then said "come with me, i want to show you something" i got up and lead her to the hall, i went to the door in the middle , it was a 'closet' i moved the jackets and pushed on the wall "what are you doing?" she asked giggling.. "you'll see" i continued with what i was doing, the back wall moved.. and it opened up to stairs.. "whoa" she mumbled to herself! i chuckled. i walked up the stairs. and the light from the sun was shining bright through the windows. she smiled when she stepped in the room, "this is my art room and whatever else i want it to be!" she walked through the room looking at my drawings and then went to my desk and saw i had a lot of writing .. and more drawings. "you are amazing at drawing" her face light up .. and she smiled brightly. "thanks, i am not that good" i blushed a little. "yes you are, these are Amazing" she was looking at a drawing . then looked at me. "do others know about this room?" she asked. "just Liam and Me, and now you" i said flashing her a smile. she giggled.. she now went to the window and looked out the window.. "Beautiful huh?" i asked moving to the window too.she just was smiling.. "what going through your mind love" i asked smiling grabbing her into my arm from behind her. she rested her arms on mine, we stood there for a good couple minutes. i think i should ask her out, this is perfect, she is perfect, i would love it for her to move in here. but should i ask her now? cause what if she thinks i ask her and then she doesn't want to move in cause it would be to soon? oh what the hell Zayn just do it, i now spoke up. "Heather.." i trailed off, she turned around to face me with her arms now on mhy chest starring into my eyes "yes Zayn?" she asked. "i wanted to know if you would be my girlfriend?" i asked smiling nervously. "i thought you'd never ask!, of course i would love to be your girlfriend" she smiled, then we sat there looking deeper and deeper in to each others eyes, until i leaned down until our lips met, we moved in perfect sync, together as if we were one. BUZZZZZZ.. we pulled away, then Heather grabbed out her phone and her face dropped. then she answered the phone.  *Heather's P.O.V*  our kiss was so in sync, it was the perfect moment, and now we are officially a couple, BUZZZZZZZ.. we puled apart then i realized it was my phone, i looked down to read 'mother..):' i felt my face expression drop, i felt angry, yet sad. i answered the phone, and pulled out of Zayn and i grip on each other.  *Phone conversation* "ello" "what happened, what did you do" what do you mean? i didn't do anything, you should be asking yourself that question" "don't back talk me" "why not? its not like you were ever there for me" "we are coming back tomorrow" "i wont be there" "what do you mean you wont be there, you better be there" "why all of the sudden do you want to be my parent? you never have before" "we are not talking about that" "well good bye then" *End of phone conversation* i hung up the phone and fell to my knees and started to cry. "babe what she they say?" he asked helping me up to stand , once i was standing he brought me into a hug. then says. "everything will be alright " i looked at him and asked "can i move in tonight?". still had a few tears streaming down my face, why would she nor he wasnt to be part of my life now, that will only make things worse. "yes you can, babe, what did they say" he asked once more. "well uh, My uhh well mum, said that her and my uh father were coming to the house to live tomorrow, and got mad when i told i wouldn't be there." i teared up again. he hugged me tighter. "everything will be okay. do you want to go to your house and get your things and move in tonight?" he asked in his comforting voice. i nodded my head in agreement. 
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