everything will be alright! ~Zayn~

Heather is a girl who has been forced to moved to England by her parents, yet she hasn't seen them sense she was a toddler, Kyle her brother, and her do not get along well, Kyle is over protective, and well yells a lot, Kyle brought new friends over that didn't seem to be like his Type of personality, Heather starts to fall for the Dark haired guy, then Tragedy strikes, and Heather is forced to move on, and she now Knows Love will be there for her in the end.


11. #11

"hey babe, wait up" i heard Zayn say from behind me, i just kept on going. no need to turn back now? right? i don't know, exactly what i am suppose to do at this point. i am just going to go with the flow.. Zayn caught up to me and asked "why did you just leave like that?" his eyes were still red and glossy, "I cannot just stare at my dead brother forever Zayn, i have to keep moving forward, yes i miss Kyle so greatly, and life will never be the same.." i fought the tears from streaming down my face. but Zayn he just stood there looking at me. " i am sorry Heather , i am right here every step of the way, okay? " he reassured me. i nodded, but this time i hugged him. i didn't want to let go, because now i am afraid of loosing another person i love. yeah that's right, i think i might love Zayn, i know i'm not dating him , but i know i have strong feelings for him.  *Zayn's P.O.V* she looked at me with a new look, a look of acceptance . she then pulled me into a hug, she and i hugged for a while, she is just the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and to see her hurt , hurts me too. i will be the guy that is right by her side, i will always have her back no matter what, i think i love her, even though we are not official or anything but i think i actually do! i tried to pull away but she wouldn't let me go, and this time she looked at me and said "i don't want to loose another person i love" and put her head back down on my shoulder slash collar bone " you don't have to, i will never leave" i kissed the top of her head and laid my head on hers. was that her way of saying she loves me? i hope so. z *Liam's P.O.V*  Heather stood up looked a Kyle for a minute then walked out, Zayn quickly followed . they are cute, why are they dating yet? ... Kyle on the other hand, he was like my Brother , he and i did stuff together , that me and the other guys couldn't do, such as mess around with computer parts, i would have any idea what some of the stuff does if it wasn't for Kyle, i miss him so much already, i remember our last real conversation was about Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and who was better.. i felt a smile come over to me because i know he is now part of my memories and forever a piece of me. it too was my time to leave his room, i walked out to see Heather and Zayn hugging. i caught up to them and told them i was going home. "wait no come back to my house, that's if the other guys are still there. " she said perking up. "yeah they are, but i'm not in the mood to see people" i responded . "no you must , trust me i have had a lot of disappointment. and the only way to become happy and back to somewhat normal is by being around people" i could tell she was trying hard to get me to come. "fine, but only for a little bit" . i then left to go on back to Heather's and well, no longer Kyle's, it feels so strange to say such thing. but it is was i must say now. i arrived before Heather and Zayn, all the guys were still there, eating her food, and watching tv. the usual joking around, until i came in, still had the look of disappointment and sadness, i had cried in the car ride here, i know my eyes must be red and glossy. when i came into the living room, all eyes were on me. they all stopped joking and being the goofy selves. i sat down on the couch next to Niall, "i'm guessing things are not okay?" Harry asked. i just nodded not wanting to speak of what happened. "yeah, but please i don't want to talk about it now and Heather is taking it the worst but i feel she is now handling it the best as of when i left.  so try not to say to much when she and Zayn get here" i felt tears working up, but i did not allow them to flow down my cheeks.  *Zayn's P.O.V* after about another minute, i said to Heather "I think we should get going." she pulled away, i mad sure to grab her hand , because i can tell she is afraid of being alone, and i will never back away. we got to the car . once we both were situated i drove off to go back to her house. i noticed she just looked out the window "you'll be alright Heather" i said, "i know i will be, its just hard knowing i am alone, with out my brother, you know he was more than just a brother to me, but like a father" she looked at me , with lost in her eyes, worried . " well you know i am not going to leave you, you have me now, so you will not be alone. i will take care of you, and i am truly sorry about everything that has happened" " i know you are Zayn, there's nothing anyone can do , just got to keep going. and thanks Zayn, i would love for you to be by my side, but you do not have to take care of me " she looked out the window again. we arrived at her house, but before we got out i asked " do you want to talk about the house situation?" she now looked at me once again with willingness but a hint of fear in her eyes . " okay, i knew this was coming.." she stopped. "do you want us guys to move in? or will it be hard to live in a place where you lived with Kyle?" i saw her face drop, "well can i think about it, i promise to tell you no late then tomorrow evening." she unbuckled her seat belt, "take your time babe" i said then she got out of the car. we both entered her house! 

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