This Only Happens In Dreams

Kylie (nickname Ky) was just your average 18-year-old girl: going to college, hanging out with friends, and loving life. But everything changes once she meets a special certain someone named Niall...

This is my first ever fanfic story, so it might be kind of bad. I'm sorry if it is, but feedback is always appreciated!


1. Night Out

Buzz. Kylie checked her phone. She had one new message from her best friend Sarah. 'We'll he at your place in 5 minutes.' it said. Kylie texted back: 'ok'. Kylie was going to a restaurant with her 3 friends Sarah, Hannah, and Maddie. She finished her hair and makeup right as she heard the honk of a car downstairs. She went outside and they drove to the restaurant.
"So where are we going anyways?" Hannah asked Sarah.
"It's called Nando's." Sarah answered.
"Cool." Hannah said. It was silent for the rest of the ride until they got to Nando's. Everyone ordered the peri-peri chicken. While they were waiting for their food Kylie noticed a blonde guy walk into the restaurant. Kylie kept staring at him in awe. He was perfect.
"What'cha staring at Ky?" Maddie asked.
"Oh nothing..." Kylie said.
"It is too! What is it you can tell us!!!!" Hannah said.
"Okay fine. That guy over there is so cute. I swear I've seen him somewhere before." Ky said, trying to remember where she had seen him. He noticed Kylie staring and waved at her. Kylie waved back, butterflies in Kylie's stomach.
"Ky he just waved at you!" Sarah squealed.
"I know! And now he's walking over here! Everyone act natural!" Kylie exclaimed. Everyone just kept poking at their food until he came over.
"Hello there!" he said with his dreamy Irish accent. "My name is Niall! I saw you guys waving earlier so I thought I might sit with you if you don't mind." he said.
"No its fine! You can join us!" Kylie said smiling.
"Niall... Niall... Where do I know that from?" Maddie said.
"I know! Aren't you in that band, One Direction?" Hannah said. Niall nodded. "Wow! I love you guys!" she added.
"Thanks! I'm glad! What are all of your names?" he said.
"I'm Sarah!"
"I'm Maddie!"
"I'm Hannah!"
"And I'm Kylie!"
"Cool! Let's eat!" Niall said, digging into his meal. They all chatted while they ate.
"I have to go to the bathroom. Anyone else?" Hannah asked.
"I do!" Sarah and Maddie said in unison. They got up and left, leaving you and Niall alone at the table.
"So Kylie, can I just say that you are one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen." he said. Kylie smiled and blushed.
"Thank you Niall." Kylie answered politely.
"Can I have your number?" he asked. They exchanged numbers and talked until the girls came back.
"Nice to meet you Niall!" Maddie said. "But we have to go..."
"Nice to meet you too!" Niall said. Kylie walked towards the door. She turned around to see Niall. He winked.
Later that night Kylie got a text from Niall. 'hey kylie! i was just wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me tomorrow night? we can go to nandos after too! xx niall' She immediately texted back 'yeah id love to! what time? xx ky' He texted back 'ill pick u up at 7! cant wait xx niall' She texted back 'me either! goodnight -ky'. He texted back 'nite! x -niall'.

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