New Friends (1D not Famous)

Hannah is on a 2 month trip to England with her BFF Karen. They soon meet Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. Eventually they have a relationship like family, except with one person... Read to find out more.


25. New Friends

Zayn's POV

KNOCK KNOCK! I arrived at Kendra's house. The door opened and... wow! She looked amazing. "You ready?" "Yup!" We got into my car and drove to Niall and Hannah's. the door was open, so we walked in. "Hey!" everyone chorused. Then everyone introduced themselves to Kendra and Everyone got along really well. The twin boys and Lucy only got to stay a while then their babysitter picked them up.

~1 HoUr LaTeR~

"So are you and Kendra a thing yet?" Liam asked. " I think so!" Kendra said. Yes! she was now officially my girlfriend. I will admit, I was pretty drunk and we were most likely gonna and up staying the night here. It was a really fun night so far, I mean Kendra made a bunch of new friends and has a new boyfriend!

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