New Friends (1D not Famous)

Hannah is on a 2 month trip to England with her BFF Karen. They soon meet Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. Eventually they have a relationship like family, except with one person... Read to find out more.


28. Keep Looking

~2 Days Later~

Martha's POV

Its been two days since the boys have been gone and I'm scared we may never find them. But we will keep looking. The police are involved so we have extra help. Just then I got a call from The police. "Hello" Yes I'm so sorry Mrs. Tomlinson, I think we found them, but they are not breathing. Come to the hospital ASAP." I hung up and sobbed. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed some more until Lou came in. "What's wrong?" "They... they are dead..." I managed. Now Louis was crying too.


Hey guys! Do you still read this? Please leave comments below! Im thinking of ending this movella soon because I have no clue where im going with it. I probably dont have enough readers, but anyone wanna co-author? No? Ok fine. Yes? COMMENT!!!!

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