New Friends (1D not Famous)

Hannah is on a 2 month trip to England with her BFF Karen. They soon meet Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. Eventually they have a relationship like family, except with one person... Read to find out more.


7. I Didn't Know

~ pReSeNt TiMe ~ Harry's POV No, I shouldnt have said that. Niall just walked out to go to Cindy. Karen came down looking gorgoues might I say. "Where's Hannah?" she asked. "In her room crying. Niall cancelled cuz of his ex girlfriend threatening to kill Hannah. She doesnt know that, and thinks he is dating her." I finished the story and we went to knock on her door. Karen's POV "Hannah c'mon open up its just me and Harry" i said tapping on the door. The door opened and her eyes were all puffy and red and she was in sweats and a T-shirt. A while later we told her the story and she cryed harder. "I didnt know I thought that he just didnt like me." she said through her sobs. "No, hes mad in love with you Hannah," Harry said. A few minutes later she calmed down and me and Harry went on our date. We asked her to come along but she wanted to be alone.

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