New Friends (1D not Famous)

Hannah is on a 2 month trip to England with her BFF Karen. They soon meet Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. Eventually they have a relationship like family, except with one person... Read to find out more.


10. Be Mine (pt 2)

Hannah's POV

I got to Niall's house and we had just had spaghetti. We were finising up when Niall looked at me. "Yes?" I asked "Okay so we have been through alot together already and I want us to make more good memories TOGETHER." I blushed after Niall said this "Please will you be mine? I love you and I really hope you feel the same way." he continued. " Of course I will Niall, I love you too and I feel the same way" I said. He slowly walked me to the couch and it happened he kissed me. It was like fireworks! Sparks flew inside of me. ith was amazing. HE was amazing. I was so tired so we went to Nialls room. he gave me sweats and a shirt and we dozed off. I woke up too a loud scream coming from the apartment down 2 doors. WAIT!!! ALEX!!!

A/N: Okay school is starting and Im really busy but I will try to write at least once a week :) plz share this movella with your friends.

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