New Friends (1D not Famous)

Hannah is on a 2 month trip to England with her BFF Karen. They soon meet Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. Eventually they have a relationship like family, except with one person... Read to find out more.


8. Be Mine (pt. 1)

Niall's POV I somehow got through the date with Cindy. She promised to stay away from me and Hannah, thank god. But now Hannah hates me because she doesnt know what the story was. I had to do something. I had to call her. It rang, but no answer. Right when I was gonna hang up I heard her beautiful voice. "Hannah, please listen. Dont hang u-" I was interupted Hannah's POV "I know, Harry told me. I'm so sorry I should have heard your story before running off" I was crying.  "Please don't cry. I love you Hannah." He said it! He feels the same way! "I love you too Niall," I said sobbing by now. " Tell you what come to my apartment, stay the night. I have a surprise for you." Niall said. then he hung up. A/N: Okay so notice how it says pt. 1? Yes I will do a chapter on Harry and Karen, then back to Niall and Hannah. If anyone has suggestions of ideas you can e-mail me at with the subject as MOVELLA IDEA!.

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