The Guardian Angels

Liliah is an Angel Messenger, the lowest of the low. Things never go her way until a meeting (or rather, accident) with a Guardian Angel takes place and things look like thing might just go her way, for once...


1. Me, myself and I

   In Heaven live the Guardian Angels. With beautiful feathery wings and flowing white dresses and flawless skin, they are beautiful. Among them lived Cherubim, Seraphim, Archangels and the messengers, the lowest of them all.

    I am a messenger. I have been a messenger all of my life and it looks like I will be one forever. I'm a very hard working angel and do everything right (well, in my opinion), but whatever I do, all the Guardian Angels find fault with it. It isn't fair on me at all and all my friends agree. I also hate the robe I have to wear as a messenger and the heavy bag of messages I carry everywhere with me. The bag is more of a big white sack with the sign of a messenger angel on it, a golden heart and a scroll of paper over it. I often have to wear my long golden hair up even though I yearn to wear it down like the Guardians and the rest. I long to wear a beautiful white and golden dress that flows from the waist down with a fitted top. I wish I was as high up as my best friend, Gabriella May who had been recently promoted to an Archangel. It just isn’t fair!

      I bet you're wondering why all the other Angels don't like me. Well I'll tell you. It's because my mum and dad married illegally. My dad is a Guardian Angel (the very highest) and my mum is a messenger (the very lowest). See, the very highest and the very lowest aren't allowed to even speak to each other, let alone get married! It's funny, isn't it? How angels encourage love, but they stop Guardian Angels from having anything to do with messengers. As the Cherubim say, you can't ignore love. But what the law says goes so that's that I suppose. Not that I like it.

   My parents have apologised to me a billion and one times, but sorry doesn't make what happened better, I guess. Not that I'm angry with them or anything. Well, I say that, but sometimes when I have the heaviest messenger bag in the whole of Heaven, I curse them a little tiny bit in my head. But then I feel really bad. It's not their fault they fell in love, is it? As punishment, my dad was made a messenger and he has to stay that way for the rest of his life. The Guardian Angels were going to let him slowly climb back to the top if he worked hard on the condition that I was a messenger for the rest of my life. But my dad wouldn't do that to me. He made it so it was the other way around, so I could climb slowly to the top. But I'm never going to get there at this rate! Like I said, the Guardian Angels hate me.

     Today I have a particularly heavy bag. I can't even FLY with it on my back so I'm kind of bunny hopping along, dragging the bag as I go. My hair has been confined to a bun again. I wish I could wear my hair down! I've delivered messages to five Archangels, two Guardian Angels, four Cherubim and eight Seraphim now and the bag is still half full. There's not normally this many letters.

       I've just now delivered another message to a Guardian Angel. I'm in Guardians Reef now and I really don't like it down here. Too many Guardians that don’t actually like me. But I've got to deliver a letter to a Guardian who used to be my Dads’ friend but ratted out on him to the other Guardians while my dad was dating my mum. This Guardian reminds me of a rat with his sharp teeth, hunched back and whiskers coming out in thin wisps on his cheeks. It's really rather gross if you want my opinion.

   I've got one more message to go down here to a Guardian called Seraphina. She's really really really pretty and really really really kind. I'm coming up to her door now. Hang on, there's a sort of moany wailing sound coming from her house. I looked through her ever so slightly stained glass window and… OH MY GOD! 

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