The Guardian Angels

Liliah is an Angel Messenger, the lowest of the low. Things never go her way until a meeting (or rather, accident) with a Guardian Angel takes place and things look like thing might just go her way, for once...


2. 24 hours later...

   I don't remember many of the finest details, only that when I went into the house, Seraphina was lying on the floor moaning in pain and agony.

"Get... some... help," she rasped. I stood frozen to the spot, still as a statue with big feathery wings. Seraphina moaned in agony again, sweat dripping down her normally composed face. Her leg was sticking out in an awkward position, not at all how it was meant to be. Finally, I ran into the street and screamed for help. Guardians came pouring out of their homes, their faces grim, annoyed at the inferior messenger interrupting their Highly Important Work.

"What?" one of them snarled at me.

"Please, a Guardian's in danger!" I cried. With that, I rushed back into the house. What worried me the most was that when Angels get hurt in the mortal way, it won’t hurt them. But to be in as much pain as Seraphina was in meant that it was a seriously bad injury, one that could kill a human within seconds of it happening. I bit my lip, willing the oh-so-slow Guardian Angels to hurry up, get in the house and figure out what was wrong with Seraphina.

   While I waited for the Guardians to see the thrashing Seraphina, I did everything I could to stoop myself looking at her, instead mumbling to her that she would be OK. When she let out a deeply disturbing moan, I had to look at her. A trembling Seraphina pointed one shaking finger at the door where Guardian Angels enter the Human world to be with their Earthlings (the ones they look after).

"Go," she whispered. I stared in astonishment at her. She nodded her head once and then collapsed into fits of groans. I looked at the door. What were the odds of the Guardians bursting in ad finding me? Extremely high. I breathed deeply, calming my frazzled nerves.

   I looked at the ever present Door, sitting there and glinting at me, reflecting the weak sunlight that filtered through the flimsy curtains that Seraphina had hanging on her windows. Trying not to think about it too much, I took small hesitant steps across the room to the Door. I looked over at Seraphina one last time. She nodded, her green eyes full of pain. I took a huge breath, expecting the worst and stepped through the white Door, shutting my eyes tightly as I went, just as more Guardians poured through the door to see Seraphina. A bright white light hit me in the face, pouring through my closed eyelids as if they weren’t there…

   The light which blinded me was one of the brightest white lights you've ever seen in your life. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd been blinded for life! As it turns out, I wasn't (luckily!). As the light gradually faded and I could finally see only patches of the white light, I turned my head slightly to the right, surveying my new surroundings.

     I was in a small but cosy and very pink room. A window on the right of me let in a shaft of sunlight, lighting up the whole room. I slowly swept my eyes over the room until I came to the very pink bed, embroidered with flowers and butterflies. Pink overload so far. And that was only a bit of the box-like room.

   A little girl of about five was sitting silently on her bed, her brown eyes as big and wide as saucers. She was very cute and very dainty. She had little bunches sticking out in loose ringlets from each side of her head. Her mouth dropped open and her rosebud lips mouthed the word ‘angel’. You could tell she'd been crying as her eyes were red rimmed and she had tear streaks all down her face. I felt like putting my arms around her and hugging her tight. But I knew I couldn't do that. Not yet.


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