One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


3. Troll, in the dungeon.

I laid in bed, wondering. Did Harry love me? This thought overwhelmed me, if he actually did, ah! I managed to get a few hours sleep before waking up at 6. Ugh, painfully early. I pulled on my robes, packed my books in my bags, grabbed my wand, then walked down to the common room, Harry was walking down the staircase opposite me. "Oi, curly" I said, smiling. He looked up and walked over. "Up early too, huh?" I bit my lip, and nodded. He pulled a smile, staring at my lips. "I should really write to mum." I said, brushing past him to relieve some of the tention. He said he was off to meet the boys, so I let him. Its not like he had to be attached to me 24/7.

I headed down to the great hall for about half 7, and sat next to Harry. I filled my plate, the turned to speak to Hannah, only she was in deep conversation with Ron and Harry Potter. So I turned to Harry Styles, but Louis was whispering in his ear."You done it yet?" I heard Louis ask. "No, but I've kissed her, its too early to be asking her yet!" Harry whispered back, Louis sighed, fake punched Harry, gave me a smile then left. Harry then turned to me. "Muggle studies first!" He said, rolling his eyes.


Weeks passed and the relationship I had with Harry didn't change. No-one mentioned the kiss, but we were still close as ever, I wished for it to be more than a close friendship. It was now Halloween, and we were all in the great hall. The candles that usually floated above us were replaced with pumpkins. We had an extra special feast. Everything was relatively calm, until Quirrel burst in. "Troll, in the dungeon! Thought you 'ought to know!" He screamed before collapsing on the floor. Everyone stopped eating and started to panic. "Silence!" Dumbledore shouted."Prefects, take your students to your common rooms. Teachers will follow me down to the dungeons."


Horror struck me. "Harry! Liam and Agi, they're on the 3rd floor! They don't know about the troll!" Harry, grabbed Louis, Zayn, Niall and Sasha. We all snuck down to the 3rd floor. Harry, Ron and Hannah were already there with Liam and Agi. A horrible smell entered the corridor on the 3rd floor. "That's the troll!" Ron screamed. We all ran, but there was more than 1 troll and we were circed. We all stood back to back, all holding our wands up. "Trolls are dumb creatures. But this won't be easy." Hannah said. "We don't know any defensive spells?!" Liam shouted. "Try stupify, I know we're only first years, but we'll have to give it a try. If it doesn't work well then, we'll come to that." Hannah said, she knew a lot to do with spells, seeing as she always had a book in her hands. We all tried stupify. It only seemed to work for Hannah. So instead we all tried Petrificus Totalis. All the trolls became totally immobile and rigid. We all stayed in the defensive formation until the teachers arrived.


"What the devil?" Snape muttered. Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall ran over. Quirrel with them."Do you know how lucky you are?! Not many first years can bring down 1 grown troll, let alone several and live to tell the tale! What in the world possessed you to go looking for the trolls?!" McGonagall shouted. No-one had an explanation, so I stepped forward. "It was me, I thought I could take them on, but I couldn't and if these guys hadn't showed up, I'd probably be dead." .. "Detention for you miss Hawkes, and 10 points will be taken off of Gryffindor, as for the rest of you, you all get 5 house points for sheer luck!" McGonagall said, doing some action with her arms indicating we go to our dorms.


Harry turned to me as we reached the Gryffindor tower. "Starr, um.. basically.. um.. will you, like, go out with me?" .. I didn't want to sound too keen, so I said I'd think about it. After all, he liked girls that played hard to get. But I said yes in the end.

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