One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


14. Screaming.

I woke to the sound of screaming, everyone crowded round me. "Whuuut?" I murmered, opening my eyes to see people leaning over me. I also woke to find myself in the hospital wing. "Whats happened?" I screamed, and I sat upright, something was seriously wrong. "Starr! Someone broke into our dorm and you stood up to them, but they used a jinx against you!" Hannah said, still traumatised. "B-but, I can't remember this?" I was so confused. "I had a bad dream, and I remember hearing screaming, but what?" I continued. How come I couldn't remember what had happened?


Niall and Liam stayed with me for the whole day. I was dismissed late afternoon, so I went out onto the grounds with Niall and Liam. "What actually happened?" Liam asked, intrigued. I shrugged. "Dumbledore said it was definitely another Gryffindor that had done it! Noone else knows the password." Niall whispered.


We went and had dinner in the great hall, before returning to our dorms. As I walked up to our dorm room, I saw the mess. Paperwork everywhere! But on my bed lay a diary. This was odd, I didn't even own a diary. I walked over to it, it was old and tattered, inside was just empty pages.


I decided to write in it, but everytime I went to write something, the ink disappeared. What type of magic was this?! I hid it in my bag, before turning around to sleep.


I woke up to screaming again? And McGonagall collected Harry, Ron and I. "I'm afraid Hannah has been petrified." She looked down. "I fear that the school will be closed soon. These attacks have got to stop!" .. I stood still staring into nothingness, I was loosing everyone who was close to me. I had to distance myself.


Harry Potter and Ron, went to the hospital wing to see Hannah. And I ran up to my dorm to write in the diary. Only when I did, I blacked out and went into a trance. All I could hear was screaming, and there was now way out of it.

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