One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


6. Retreiving the Philosopher's stone!

Dumbledore had left the school to help with the ministry. Things were turning out the way we planned them.

"Tonight it happens!" I told the others at lunch. We had everyhing set up. After the feast, we'd get Harry Potter to take us, three at a time under his cloak to the 3rd floor. We'd decide the rest then.


We all ate, and disappeared from the great hall. I ran up to the Gryffindor common room with both Harrys, Ron and Hannah and we all got under Harry's cloak. Once he left us on the 3rd floor to get the others we thought of a strategic plan.

"We all go together, no-one will stay here on guard. Somethings down there and its not going to be easy!" Hannah whispered as Louis, Agi and Sasha arrived. Harry went off again and got Niall, Liam and Zayn.

"The door won't open" Ron whispered, trying to open it vigorously.

"Oh move over," Hannah said, pointing her wand at the door. "Alohamora." Click, and the door unlocked. We all ran inside, bracing ourselves for the three headed dog to try and attack, but it was sleeping. There was soft music playing.

"Snapes already been here!" Harry Potter said looking around. Hannah ran over to the trap door and opened it. Louis, Zayn, Niall, Agi, Harry Liam and Sasha all jumped through.

"Its got terrible bad breath, you know?" Ron said pulling a face of utter disgust. It suddenly went quiet. The dog stopped snoring, and started to growl instead. I jumped through the trap door, Ron and Harry followed as the dog ripped the trap door off its hinges.


We landed into some sort of plant, that was wrapping itself round and round everyone.

"Stop moving! Relax! It'll only kill you faster! Its devil snare! Just relax!" Hannah shouted as she relaxed. She was suddenly dropped from the plant thing and disappeared.

"Hannah!" I screamed. Trying to break free from the strong grip.

"Do as I say" She screamed. So I rested my head and relaxed, I too disappreared from everyone. Sasha and Agi dropped through the plant next.

"None of them are relaxing!" Sasha said, her voice thick with fear.

"What was that thing in professor Sprout said in herbology? Devils Snare, Devils Snare." Hannah muttered. "Its likes dark and damp! Thats it Devils Snare hates sunlight!" She pointed her wand and muttered a spell, a bright light erupted from her wand as 7 boys fell through the plant.

"Good thing we didn't panic!" Ron said.

"Good thing Hannah pays attention in herbology!" I laughed. We walked through a door into a small room. There was a broom and a load of small birds flying. The door opposite was locked. As I looked closer I could see these things weren't birds but were in fact keys with wings.

"Its too simple!" Harry Potter said, as he grabbed the broomstick .. Suddenly the key things all darted for him. He flew up high, the key chasing him. Which one was the key?

"That one! The old one with the damaged wing!" Zayn shouted, pointing. Harry saw it and dived for it, once he had hold of it, he threw it to Liam who unlocked the door as everyone ran through. Harry flew threw just as Agi slammed the door shut.

"That was close!" Niall said, wiping the sweat from his head. Everyone looked up to the chamber we were in next..

"Wizards chess? I can't even play the muggle version!" Hannah cried.

"Ron! You're good at wizards chess! You tell us what to do!" Harry Styles said! Everyone agreed. So we all took our places and Ron told us what to do. We were nearing the end of the game when sudden realisation came to me, Ron had to sacrifice himself in order for us to win!

"Ron, no! You can't!" Agi shouted! But Ron did, and when a white queen stabbed the horse Ron was sat on. Ron fell to the floor with a bang! The girls went to make a move to see if Ron was okay, but he had been knocked out.

"No! We're still in the game!" Louis shouted, as he moved and said 'Checkmate' .. the game was over. Everyone ran over to Ron.

"Agi, Sasha and Liam, you stay here with Ron, we've got to go through." I said, walking off wondering what I had next to face. the others followed as we entered a room with a table and 7 bottles in the middle. Next to the bottles was a riddle. Hannah read this over and over. Once we were all by the table a black fire covered the door that we'd just walked through and a purple fire covered the door which we needed to pass through.

"Its easy, three are poison, two are wine and one will get you back through the black fire, and one will get you through the purple." Hannah re-read it again, picking up the smallest bottle. "This one gets you through the purple." .. There wasn't alot of it left. Harry Potter, Harry Styles, Hannah and I all had a swig, and now there was no potion left.

"Wait there!" Hannah shouted to Louis and Niall as we walked through the fire..


"You!" Harry Potter shouted as I turned to see Quirrel instead of Snape. Quirrel removed his turban thing to reveal a man, who was very well known as Voldemort.. What?! My mind flogged as I fell to the floor, Harry Potter gripped his scar as Hannah ran over to him. Harry, my Harry, ran to comfort me.

"You, come here!" Quirrel shouted to Harry Potter, so Harry walked over and looked into a mirror infront of him. "What do you see?" .. Whatever Harry saw, I didn't. But he reached into his pocket and threw the stone to me. I grabbed it, and went to make a run for it, clouded mind or not, I needed to get out! Quirrel snapped his fingers and a fire ring surrounded us! I threw the stone back to Harry Potter as Quirrel flew to him! Harry held his hands out onto Quirrels face and it made Quirrels face burn, and within moments he turned to sand..

"That was easy?" Harry Potter said, we turned to look at Harry and Hannah, but they had both passed out on the floor. I turned to Harry Potter as Quirrel's ghost or whatever it was, dived through Harry's chest and then dived through mine, making us both fall, as I blacked out.


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