One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


13. Quidditch

Every lesson I had, I was now sat on my own. With Harry gone, I had no-one to share things with. His absence haunted me.


"Its Malfoy!" Harry Potter said to Ron and Hannah. I stared blankly, sat on my own, an empty seat beside me. "Starr, come sit with us!" Ron called over. I got up and slowly walked over. I didn't eat anything, I wasn't hungry. "Its Malfoy, he's the heir!" Harry repeated. "No, can't be! He might be a creepy Slytherin, but just, it can't be." Ron said eating loads. It made me ill to even look at food.

"Quidditch tomorrow Harry!" Hannah squealed. Harry smiled a nervous smile. It was now cold out, it was november.."I've got to see Zayn, excuse me." I walked over to the Slytherin table. "Zayn, keep an ear out for what Malfoy says in the dorm, Harry and Ron have a theory that he's the heir." I whispered as he nodded. "You alright yeah?" He saw the look on my face. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I shrugged. He half smiled then turned to the other Slytherins.


The Quidditch match was fast approaching, only a couple of hours away. I went down to breakfast and forced myself to eat something. "Good luck today Harry!" I smiled. Once we'd eaten we went and got our Gryffindor scarves on and walked down to the Quidditch pitch and got a seat. It was Gryffindor VS Slytherin.


30 minutes into the match and Slytherin had 90 points, Gryffindor only had 30. Suddenly a bludger flew at Harry, and continued to follow him. "Thats been tampered with!" Hagrid shouted. Harry continued to fly around the pitch. As Harry reached out for the snitch the bludger hit his arm and he held out his other arm as he caught it. "Gryffindor wins!" Everyone screamed. Harry fell of his broom. We all ran to see him and congratulate him. He was clutching his arm to chest. "I think its broken!" Harry muttered as Lockhart came over. "Ooh, I can fix that for you!" He said, Harrys face filled with horror! "Not you!" Harry said, backing away. Lockhart grabbed his arm and said a spell. Harry arm went all flimsy. "There not broken no more." Lockhart muttered. "Broken? Theres no bones left!" I shouted.


We rushed Harry to the hospital wing, where he had to stay for the rest of the night. Everyone came to visit him. Niall gave him a chocolate frog, Louis came and cheered him up. I sat next to Harry Styles for most of the day. He lay, in the same position. With the ghost of his last smile still on his face. I was told to leave after a while but I didn't want to leave him, so I stole Harry Potter's invisibility cloak and snuck back down to sit next to Harry.


I dozed off but woke when I heard teachers voices and rushed footsteps. I looked to see another student had been petrified. Fear struck me, how would I get back to the common room, what if I got petrified? I risked it, and ran to my dorm, telling Hannah what I'd just seen. "Only mudbloods are getting petrified!" She said, as the colour drained from her face. "I'm a mudblood!" She continued.

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