One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


11. Punishment.

Hearing Filch's voice drone on caused my heart to miss a beat! He told us all to wait at the top of the stairs whilst he fetched Snape.

"What do you think will hap-" I asked, turning around to see Harry, Louis and Zayn missing.

"What the-?" Sasha said, looking around. We heard fast moving footsteps.

"Follow me!" Snape said, so we all walked sheepishy behind him. I was annoyed with Zayn, Harry and Louis for sneaking off and not getting caught! Snape walked us to his office.

"Do you know how dangerous this was? You were seen but no less than 7 muggles! You have risked revealing the wizarding world to the muggles! Not to mention the damage you caused to a tree that has been here since before you were born." Snape droned on."If you were in my house, you'd be expelled." We looked down.

"But they're not in your house!" McGonagall said, walking in, "So the punishment is left to me."

"We'll go get our things then." Ron muttered.

"What? Don't be foolish, you'll all receive detention, be at my office for seven pm on thursday." McGonagall said, dismissing us to the great hall. Once we arrived, I filled my plate and filled my face with food. I was soo hungry. I decided to put a few cakes in my pocket incase Harry was hungry.


I went to the common room to find Harry dozing by the fire.

"Oi!" I shouted at him. He raised his eye brows. "You got away with the punishment! We all got detention!" I shouted, throwing the cakes I'd stolen for him. "I'm off to bed!" I stormed upstairs.


I gave Harry, Louis and Zayn the silence treatment all week. It was unfair they got out of the punishment so easily.


It was now thursday evening and I headed to my detention with the others.

"You'll be writing lines this evening. I want you to write them out five hundred times, no magic to be used to cheat!" McGonagall said. "I'm going to leave you for ten minutes." She walked out the door. I started with my lines. So did the others. I had just finished writing it 50 times when Harry burst through the door.

"Louis and Zayn would've come but they're chilling with those girls that visited them in the hospital wing last year." Harry said. I heard McGonagall's voice nearing!

"Harry, go!" I said. So he snuck out.


Once I'd finished my lines, I went up to the common room, did some homework then went to bed.

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