One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


5. New year, new adventures.

Did we ever tell you what we found the night before New years day? No? Well we found a three headed dog, guarding a trap door, and we were determined to find what it was hiding! And that was the reason why the third floor was out of bounds, although we still ignored that rule. Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak, which, we were sure would come in useful.


We had a plan to find out about the dog. Hannah and Ron looked around in the library. Louis, Zayn and Liam had the job of following the teachers around listening to their conversations hoping for any information. Harry, Sasha, Niall, Agi, Harry and me had the job of actually going to see the dog and try all kinds of charms and enchantments to move the dog, we had no such luck.

"I have an idea! Hagrid loves unusual animals. I'll go round for a cup of tea and ask him if three headed dogs exist." Harry Potter said. My stomach turned at the thought. This was the best idea we'd had, so no-one argued. So on the following saturday Harry and Ron went to Hagrid's and came back with enough information to keep us busy.

"He said, something about it was strictly between Dumbledore and Nickolas Flamel?" Harry said, So Louis, Zayn and Liam went off to the library.

"Wait, what did you actually say to him?" I asked.

"Asked him if three headed dogs were real, he got defensive, so we 'assumed' there was one in the castle and what was it doing there. So he said something about Nickolas Flamel then was all 'I should not have told you that'" Harry said.


After two days of all of us searching the library Niall was the first one to find a book mentioning him.

"Nickolas Famel is the only know sourcerer of the philosophers stone." Hannah read out.

"Whats the philo-thing stone?" Louis asked.

"It keeps you alive forever!" Hannah said, thinking. "Thats what snape wants!! He wants the philosophers stone! Thats why he let the trolls in on halloween!" .. This all fit together!

"Perfect!" Harry said, squeezing my hand to reasure me.

"How do we get past he dog?" Zayn questioned.

"Music." Harry Potter and Ron said in unison.

"Its settled, once exams are over we'll have to get past that thing and get the stone!" Agi said.

"It's too simple.. They wouldn't just have a three headed dog guarding that!" I said.

"Thats true, and we're going to need to practise our defensive spells aswell, whatever is down there, its going to put up a fight!" Liam suggested.


So we studied hard for exams, and practised our defensive spells.

Exams were still so far away! What if Snape got to the stone before us?

"Starr!" Hannah said, clicking in my face.

"What- ugh?" I said, coing out of my train of thought.

"You were lost in a daydream babe." Harry smiled at me.

"Oh, I was thinking, what if Snape gets to the stone before us?" I asked.

"Dumbledores still here, he won't do anything with Dumbledore so close." Hannah said. We packed our things up and went to bed.


Exam time arrived. After weeks of agonising exams it was finally over, but our adventure was just at the beginning..

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