One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


2. First day, first experience of being a witch.

 I walked down to the common room, still half asleep. Harry was sat in the arm chair in the corner staring at me. "Morning sweet cheeks." He winked. The butterflies dancing in my stomach. "You waiting for me?" I asked, looking around. "Obviously, who else would I be waiting for?" He laughed. I shrugged, deciding whether this was a rhetorical question or not. He tugged on my arm and we walked to the Great Hall for breakfast.


Louis, Liam and Zayn were all waiting at the big doors. "Niall couldn't wait, you know what he's like with food." Liam sighed, rolling his eyes. We walked through the big doors to see Niall eating, of course. But he had two girls with him. One I recognised as Agi, the other I was told was called Sasha, I hadn't noticed her last night.. She was so pretty.


Harry walked me to the Gryffindor table and sat beside me. We both filled our plates up, and began to eat. "You know, your eyes sparkle, right?" He said, staring into them. I blushed looking away. "You know your curls are cute, right?" I laughed. "Did you know they're also soft, feel it." He said, grabbing my hand so I could feel his curls. I started laughing hysterically, receiving some weird looks off the other students. Once I stopped laughing I put my head on Harry's shoulder. Hannah and Ron joined us about 10 minutes later. I got my timetable out, Transfiguration first, with my head of house. Harry, had all the same lessons as me, so we grabbed our things and headed to ur first lesson. We were early, so we got a table at the back and chatted. Slowly the class filled, until Professor McGonagall arrived. She was quite an elderly witch. She was just going through the basics, but I didn't really hear her, I had Harry in my ear whispering innappropriate things. I often had to hid behind my book so I could let out a laugh. We were then set homework and went to the next lesson.


Defence against the dak arts next, we had this lesson with the Ravenclaws, so Liam and Louis sat infront of me and Harry. Quirrell was our teacher, he was quite nervous. He also had a turban looking thing wrapped round his head. Harry and Louis started joking around, Liam got on with his work and I sat there trying not to laugh at Louis and Harry. We were also set homework for that lesson. Ugh, too much on the first day!


Double Potions with Snape and the Slytherins next. Uh-oh, this lesson I dreaded. I was already in enough trouble with him as it was. He split me up from Harry so I sat next to Hannah and had a good catch-up with her. "Starr, I actually love Ron." She said, in a hushed voice, because he was sat near. Harry sat next to Zayn. Suprisingly enough, Harry actually paid attention in this lesson, he kept turning to look at me and wink at me. We then had to make a simple potion, which, me and Hannah failed at. Snape, came round to inspect our potions, then reminded me of the detention. "Whats all that about?" Hannah whispered. "Harry and I got lost last night." I said.


Lunch next, I walked with Harry and Hannah to the great hall. We ate, then went and sat on the grounds for a bit. We sat under a tree, Harry tucked my hair behind my ear, then stared into my eyes. The butterflies diving inside me. He leant forward, when suddenly Louis and the others arrived. Niall had his arm round Sasha and Liam had his arm round Agi. Harry sat up. "Cheers, mate." He said, scowling at him. "If looks could kill." Louis joked.


We had Charms then a flying lesson next. After both those lessons, we went and had dinner in the great hall then went back up to the common room. Harry and I did a bit of homework. Harry looked around the common room, which was practically empty. He looked up at me and started to play with my hair, he then leaned over, and kissed me. We then packed up, said goodnight and went to bed.

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