One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


7. End of term.

"I think she's waking up!" Louis said. I opened one eye and saw Louis looking down on me. "Harry, she's awake!" He continued, I heard Harry sigh with relief. I heard footsteps walking towards the hospital wing and Louis dived back to his hospital bed.

"Good morning, Louis and Zayn, you both have guests." Madame Pomfrey said, bringing to girls behind her.

"Oh my god! Louis, I'm glad you're alright! I was so worried!" Jocelyn said, running up to him and kissing him. I looked at Harry, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged, and looked at the other girl, who was a little more shy-er. I recognised her as Anne-Maree from Slytherin. She walked up to Zayn.

"I'm so happy you're not hurt too bad!" She said, in a hushed voice. Zayn smiled, holding out his arms to hug her.


We were all let out of the hospital later that afternoon. I had cuts and bruises all over me, but I was just happy to be alive. I went and had a bath, and changed into my robes ready to get my results then dinner in the great hall. Tonight would be my last night in Hogwarts castle until next year.


We decided to meet under the tree. It was a hot summers day. I walked across the the grounds to Louis and Jocelyn cuddled up together. Zayn and Anne-Maree were both cuddled aswell. Harry was sat there waiting for me.

"Hello beautiful!" He said, smiling. I couldn't help but smile either. I sat beside him, resting my head on his shoulder. Within half an hour Agi and Liam walked over hand in hand.

"Hey guys!" Agi smiled, sitting down. Sasha and Niall followed, Niall was giving Sasha a piggy back, you could hear her giggles from a mile away. Ron, Hannah and Harry Potter eventually showed up.

"We need to meet up this summer! Or at least write!" Sasha said, looking excited.

"Yes! I'm sure mum will let you all stay for a week or so!" Ron said.


Dumbledore said a speech, and awarded the house cup to the Gryffindor house, because we had won by 10 points lead. We then all ate as much as we could keep down. I skipped off to bed. I'd be home tomorrow, get to see my family.


I awoke, packed my bags, got breakfast from the great hall and we boarded the train. I sat in the compartment with our group.


We arrived in London late afternoon. Mum was waiting in platform 9 and 3/4 for me. The smile grew on her face as she saw me. I turned and hugged Harry, giving him a passionate kiss.

"Write to me, okay?" I said, before kissing him again. His sweet, warm lips colliding with mine.

"I love you guys!" I shouted to everyone as I ran to my mum.



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