One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


4. Christmas time.

Harry Styles asked me out, asdfghjkl! I ran down to breakfast to tell Sasha and Agi! Sasha and Niall were dating, they were so cute together. Agi and Liam were dating, they were also cute together. Louis and Zayn were both single, although I knew they wouldn't be for long. "Girls! Harry asked me out! I said, dragging them out onto the grounds where no-one could hear us. "No way! Thats absolutely amazing!" Sasha said, jumping up and down. Hagrid, the grounds keeper, was behind us. I went a beetroot red, because I knew Hagrid had overheard. "Harry, eh?" He said, walking over. He was half giant so it didn't take long for him to walk over. "Uh, yeah, we'd better head indoors now!" I said. I wasn't particularly fond of Hagrid, he was great, just weird. "Why don't yer come over for a cuppa later?" He asked. My stomach turned, I once went to Hagrids hut with Hannah, Ron and Harry Potter and he made us tea, I couldn't actually stomach the stuff and poured it into a odd looking plant when his back was turned. "er, we got so much homework Hagrid, sorry." We said running back to the great hall.


The winter arrived, and with it came snow, lots of snow. Thursday afternoons we had off, so Sasha, Agi, the guys and me went to mess about in the snow. "Whats everyones christmas plans?" Zayn asked. "We should all stay at school and spend it together!" Agi suggested, everyone agreed to this. "Yes!" Sasha screamed, making a snowball to throw at Niall. We all joined in till we were cold to the bone.


Tomorrow people will be leaving to spend christmas with their familys, but we decided to stay at Hogwarts. Hannah, Ron and Harry were all also staying at school.


Everyone had left for home now and there wasn't many staying at Hogwarts either, so we basically had the school to ourselves. We spent the whole day in the snow again, we were first years, we were allowed to be immature. I started to really get cold so I headed up for the Gryffindor common room and changed into some dry, warmer clothes. As I walked down, Harry was sat in the armchair right next to the fire. "Harry, please may I sit there, I'm freezing!" I begged, but he didn't move. So instead I sat on his lap cuddling into him. We both fell asleep.


"Wake up, its christmas!" Ron screamed, I opened my eyes to realise I was still sat on Harry. Ron was already unwrapping presents, Hannah was just walking over to him and Harry Potter was also opening presents. Harry and I walked over to quite an extensive pile of presents ourselves. Mrs Weasley, Rons mum had made me a jumper with the letter 'S' on it.. Hannah had brought me some muggle contraption, which, being totally honest, I had no clue on how to use it. The rest of the guys brought me sweets! Harry brought me a Zonkos product and some sweets, my mum gave me money.


We later joined the others in the great hall for our christmas dinner. Once we had all finished eating, Louis suggested we played the muggle game 'spin the bottle'. Everyone agreed, but we didn't have a bottle. "Accio bottle" Louis whispered, pointing his wand at Hagrid's bottle of fire whisky. It flew over to us without Hagrid knowing. We all snuck off to an empty classroom. "Hey, theres still half a bottle of this stuff left!" Harry said. So we passed it round till it was empty. We all sat around it and Louis started to spin the bottle. And it had to land on Harry first. "Harry.. I dare you to snog Starr." So we snogged. It then landed on Hannah so I dared her to kiss Ron. When it landed on Louis, I dared him to kiss Zayn. Funnily enough, he did.


It got late, so we all went to bed.


Everyone started arriving back at school on new years day ready for the new term.

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