One Direction at Hogwarts

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam are all at Hogwarts, they bring troublesome adventures that get them both praise and detentions. Harry, has feelings for Starr, who also has the same feelings back, but will Harry take his feelings to the next level?


10. A not so lucky journey.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Yelled Mrs Weasley. Everyone groaned."We're late! Get up!". I jumped up, I was sharing a room with Ginny, Hannah, Agi and Sasha. We all changed into our jumpers with our intials on and ran downstairs for breakfast, bacon sandwiches.

"Smells good, thankyou Molly!" I said, taking a bite. The boys walked down, growning.

"Hurry up! We're late!" Molly shouted again. Mr Weasley enchanted the flying car's boot so that everyones trunks could fit in. Arthur, Molly, Ron, Percy, George and Fred all travelling in one car. The ministry volunteered to take another car load, so Harry, Harry, Hannah, Louis and I all went in one car, and Liam, Zayn, Niall, Ginny, Sasha and Agi all travelled in another.


The roads were busy, and we were already running late.


We arrived at Kings Cross Station at 5 to 11. We had 5 minutes to board the train! We grabbed our things and then ran to platform 9 3/4. Percy ran through the wall, then Fred and George, then Mr and Mrs Weasley ran through with Ginny. Ron and Harry Potter went to run next but the barrier was blocked and they crashed into the wall. My heart stopped.

"What?!" We all shouted, running to inspect the wall. "How are we going to get to Hogwarts?" I screached.

"Lets calm down and wait by the car." Liam said, we all obeyed him and stood by the car.

"The car!" Rons face lit up. "Put your things in the car!" So we did. Ron got in the drivers seat, Harry got in the passengers seat. I stood there looking gormless. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry all squeezed in the back. I looked at Agi, Hannah and Sasha, they didn't want us to squeeze in there did they? I shook my head.

"If its uncomfortable, I'm not saying in there." I said, climbing onto Harry's lap. Hannah sat on Zayn's lap. Agi on Liams and Sasha on Nialls lap. So I rested my feet on Louis seeing as he had a spare lap. Ron started the car and we took off in the air.

"Ron, I must tell you, most muggles aren't used to seeing flying cars!" Zayn laughed. Ron pressed a button and we were the invisible.


The invisible-ness stopped working as caught up with the train. Ron followed the train till we got to Hogwarts then the car went into a mind of its own. We flew straight into the Whomping Willow. A tree, which was currently trying to kill us. Branches banging on top of the car! We were all screaming! Rons wand snapped.

The car fell off the tree after all the windows were smashed in, and we were covered in glass.

"DRIVE!" We call screamed as the tree tried attacking us with it branches again. Just as we neared the enterence hall the car suddenly stopped, opened all the doors and threw us out. We all landed with a thud. Our trunks were thrown out the back, our owls in their cages got thrown at us. Once the car was empty, it drove off.


We all snuck in and put our belongings with everyone else's, changed into our robes before trying to sneak into the great hall.

"Take a good look, this could very well be your last night in the castle, ah, you're in deep trouble!" Filch said. We all turned with horrified faces.

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