Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


12. Thinking

I woke up surrounded by darkness. I quickly sat up, unaware of my surroundings, and I realized I was in bed. In my own room. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand. 3:17am flashed in neon green.
I didn’t remember anything. How did I got here? Where are the boys? I wondered how the boys were taking this. They love Niall just as much as me.

I ignored everything and laid back down. The moment I laid down all this thoughts started flooding my mind. It went from thinking about my mum, to Niall, to the boys, and then back to Niall. I couldn’t think straight. I tried closing my eyes super tight, but that didn’t help at all.

I threw the blanket off me and decided to get something to drink from the kitchen. I opened my door slightly, not wanting to wake anyone up, and walked down stairs. I was surprised to see the kitchen light on, so I walked slowly to not startle anyone. I walked in and saw Louis sitting on the counter sipping on a glass of water.

“Peaches,” He smiled, “Did I wake you?” He asked in between sips.

I shook my head,”No, I’ve been awake for a while. I just couldn’t go back to sleep.” I pulled out one of the chairs at the table and sat down. I placed my head in my hands and rubbed my cheeks.

Louis hopped off the counter and placed his empty glass in the sink. He was half way out of the kitchen before he turned around, “Are you going back to bed?” He asked.

I didn’t bother looking at him, “When I lay down, all I think about is stuff that hurts.” I sighed.

He walked over to be and hugged me from behind, “You can sleep with me if you want.”

“I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

“You’re my best friend, peaches. You won’t bother me c’mon.” He smiled. I sighed and grabbed his hand as he led me up to his room.

He ran over to his bed and jumped in, I laughed a little and walked over and laid next to him. He wiggled around a bit until he was comfortable. “happy now?” I giggled.

“Hold on,” He wiggled around some more, making me laugh. ” ‘Kay, now I’m happy.”

I laid my head on his chest. He wrapped an arm around me.

“How did I get home?” I asked.

He rubbed my back gently, “Juli..” I started. I knew what he was going to do.

“No, Louis. Please tell me.”

“Really, Beca-“

“Yes.” I said before he could finish.

“After you left, me and Harry realized we couldn’t let you just go by yourself. So we took his car and followed you. We found you crying, and Harry carried you to his car and drove you home.” He said while still rubbing my back gently.

I exhaled a shaky breath. “What about my car?”

“I drove it home for you.”

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“No, problem.” He smiled.

“Not just with the car,” I said, “For everything. I’ve been such a horrible best friend these past few weeks, and you’re still the nicest person ever. If I were you, I’d hate myself.” I sat up, rubbing my head again.

He sat up too, “Juli, it’s not your fault. I know that. It’s not easy losing people you love, it sucks.” He pulled me back down against his pillow, “But you’ll be fine soon. I promise.”

I nodded, fearing that if I said anything I would break down again. I honestly think that I had no more tears left anyway. Louis pulled me close, and I soon fell asleep.

I woke up hearing a crash in the kitchen. Louis was gone and the sun shone in the room, lighting it up. I walked downstairs holding my head, “Do you have to do all this banging in the morning?” I asked looking around to find Harry picking up a frying pan off the floor.

“Actually,” He placed the frying pan in the sink, “I prefer to do my banging at night,in the dark, maybe a little candle light.” he said with the most serious look on his face. I busted out with laughter, “Only you, Harry. Only you.” He laughed along with me. before stopping and giving me a serious look.

“Are you OK?” He asked. I put on a fake smile, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “I’m fine.”

I thought about my words. I’m fine. Was I really fine? Did I honestly think I was fine. I wasn’t. On the outside I was smiling and laughing, but on the inside I was dying. I looked over at Harry, he knew I was lying. You could tell by the look on his face. He played along, not wanting to hurt me.

He opened the fridge and looked around, “Great, cuz me and Louis are taking you out today!” He said as he took out a peach, showing it to me and raising an eyebrow. I nodded and he threw it to me gently.

“Where are we going? Are we going shopping? I don’t like shopping.” I have always disliked shopping. I never knew why though, either. I guess maybe because me and my mum never had money to just spend like that. My dad left us when I was about 5 and my mom had to take care of me and herself all on one salary. It was hard, but we managed, and I had a wonderful childhood despite the fact that I had no father.

“Wherever you want, love.” Louis said from behind me, causing me to jump a little. I turned around, “Jeez, Louis’.”


“I love this place,” I commented. Louis, Harry and I went to the park. It was always such a calming place to come and relax and to think. This was the park that Niall showed me, he showed me all around it and I knew where everything was. This is where he told me that he came here to relax and to clear his head, and that’s what I need to do. “C’mon,” I waved my hand so the boys would follow me. I led them to this beautiful cherry blossom tree. It was blooming and it looked absolutely beautiful.

“Wow,” Harry said in amazement as he walked over to the tree, staring up at it.

I sat down and leaned against the bark of the tree, “Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked, looking up to see the pink blossoms. I sighed and closed my eyes, enjoying the slight summer breeze.

“How’d you find it? I’ve never seen this before.” Harry said as they both sat on either side of me.

“Long story.” I stated, opening my eyes again.

“I got time. Harry, do you have time?” Louis leaned over me to ask Harry.

“Time? Yeah, I got that.” He smirked. I laughed, “Ok, I’ll tell you guys.”

“Yay!” Louis clapped his hands and leaned against the tree.

“Remember when my mum called me and told me she had cancer?” I asked, not expecting them to answer. “And remember when I just left. I didn’t exactly know where I was going, but I left. You guys were looking all over for me.” I started plucking at some of the grass, as I told them my story.

“Niall found me right here in the very spot. I was crying and he came over held me. He told me everything was going to be alright, and that I shouldn’t be upset. He told me about how he would come to this tree to relax and to clear his head.” I smiled as I remembered that day. “Now that I think about it,” I said quietly. I was speaking more to myself then the boys at that point. “I think that’s when I realized I really did love him.”

I pulled my knees up to my chest and laid my head on my legs. “Today, I came here to clear my head of everything. My mum, Niall, and anything else that’s been on my mind. Tomorrow will be my fresh start.” I sighed.

Harry and Louis both started rubbing my back gently, “Do you know what tomorrow is, love?” Louis asked.

I nodded slowly, “Niall’s birthday.”
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