Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


23. Prepared

“I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that…” I said as we stared at our failed attempt at making lasagna. I looked back at my laptop screen and groaned. I’m not the best chef. I looked back at the pan and then to the screen.
“I don’t think it should smell like that either.” Eleanor placed a hand over her nose. I picked it up and walked over to the trash, dumping it in. I placed the pan in the sink. “Shall we try again?” I smiled. She laughed and nodded. I walked over to the fridge grabbing some ingredients while she got the rest.

“Eleanor, Juli,” We heard Danielle call from the living room. “I think you need to come here for a moment.” She sounded a little worried. I placed the items onto the counter and we walked into the living room where Danielle was reading some magazine.

“Look,” She turned to a page in her magazine and handed it to me. Eleanor walked over to me and looked over my shoulder at the page. I read it out loud so everyone could hear.

“Who’s Niall Horan’s mystery girl spotted at the airport at him last Thursday?” I looked up, “Oh god.” Eleanor took the magazine from me and continued.

“Most people know Juliet Jones as Louis’ and the boys’ best friend, but why was Niall kissing her last week before they left for tour? Are these two dating? When asked, Zayn told to paps to leave. Could our precious Niall be hiding something from the fandom?” Eleanor looked up.

I sat beside Danielle, not knowing what I was going to do. “We hid it so well.” I said quietly. Eleanor sat on the other side of me. “Maybe you guys should tell the truth.”

I looked at her like she was crazy. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of hate I’d receive. I loved the fans and they liked me because I was the boys’ friend, but what if they hated me because I was dating Niall.

“Sure, you are going to get hate.” Danielle interrupted my train of thought. “Eleanor and I get hate all the time, but we don’t get upset over it. If the fans really loved the boys, they’d love you too.” She smiled.

“You’re right!” I smiled, getting off the couch and grabbing my laptop from the kitchen and bringing into the living room. I sat back down beside Danielle and went on twitter. The trends were crazy. #JulietandNiall, #JulietJones, #Niallsgf. I heard Danielle groan and I ignored the trends. I typed a new tweet.

“Can everyone leave us alone? What if we are dating? Does it matter?” I sent it and decided to read some tweets meant for me.

Most of them were questions asking me if Niall and I were dating. I ignored those too. I checked all the boys’ pages. 20 minutes ago Harry tweeted, “Time will tell all.” I laughed after reading that. Harry, always tweeting things to confuse people. I knew what he meant though.

I went back to the homepage and Louis just tweeted. “Juli, if you’re still on call me :D”

I placed my laptop on Danielle’s lap and picked up my phone, dialling Louis’ number. It didn’t even finish ringing once before, “Juli!” It was Louis.

“Hey, boobear.” I could hear him groan quietly on the other end. I smiled, looking over at Eleanor. She was smiling too.


“Niall wants to talk to you.” I heard rustling on the other end. It was quiet for a couple of seconds before someone spoke.

“Hey, love.” It was Niall. It’s only been a week and I miss him way too much already.

“Hey,” I hesitated for a minute. “Did you see the trends on twitter?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I need to talk to you about.” He said calmly. I nodded before remembering that it was a phone call. I mentally slapped myself before answering.


“Should we… ya’ know… reveal the big secret.”

“I think they already know. They’re just waiting for a confirmation.” I said lightly.

I heard Niall sigh lightly. I missed him. I missed having him around me and missed being able to fall asleep next to him. “Well, we have an interview in about an hour..”

“That’s great!” I smiled. I was fully prepared for any hate I was going to get, but I knew that with all the hate I will definitely receive, I will also receive love. I remember when Eleanor and Louis first started dating. Everyone hated her and thought she was only dating him because he was in a popular boy band, but there were people that were happy for her and Louis.

“You’re ok with this?” He asked, sounding concerned. I nodded again. What was wrong with me? Niall does that too, I laughed to myself. “Yeah, it’s fine. We can’t lie to the fans forever.”

“You’re right.” I heard Harry say something, but I couldn’t make anything out of it. “Love, I’m sorry. We gotta go get ready for the interview.”

“It’s fine, go! Have fun. I love you.” I said. I didn;t want to hang up but I knew I had too.

“Love you too.” He hung up and I wiped a small tear from my eye.

“I don’t like hanging up.” I leaned my head back against the back of the couch. Danielle was on my twitter doing random stuff. I think she was changing around my background. She was good at doing that.

“Juli, look!” She exclaimed. I lifted my head and leaned over, looking at the screen. Niall had sent me a link so I can watch the interview live when it started. She smiled, and looked over at me.

“Oooh, the big reveal!” She waved her arms around. I laughed, “Oh, god. Were you nervous when Liam told everyone about you two?” I asked her. She nodded, “I was, but it’ll be fine. You and Niall love each other, and the fans just need to realize that.”

Danielle and I watched random videos on YouTube until the interview started.

Everything will be fine.
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