Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


4. I Sometimes Cry

I walked down the stairs into the kitchen to find all the boys in there eating whatever they can find.
“Morning guys!” I said as I stretched in the doorway of the kitchen.

“Morning.” Louis smiled.

“Did you see how many followers you have on Twitter?” Liam asked turning the laptop screen towards me. I walked over and looked at the screen. My eyes grew wide.

“Whoa,” I stared in shock.

“Yehp, they love you all because of me!” Niall smiled, seeming proud of himself.

I smiled, “Why thank you kind sir,” I laughed as I bowed.

We all started laughing. “Get your peaches ready, Peaches, cuz we got a concert tonight!” Harry smiled as he picked me up into the air.

“OK, great!”

“The girls are coming over soon so you guys can get ready and all that girl junk.” Liam laughed, putting away his laptop.

We all got ready and Alexa showed up, we waited in my room as we all got dressed and did our hair and stuff.

“Guys, let’s go.” Zayn called.

WE all piled into the van. Louis drove, Eleanor sat in the passenger seat. Liam, Niall and Alexa sat in the middle, and Zayn, Danielle, Harry and I sat in the back.

I hated that girl. I watched as Niall and her talked to each other. I stared at them.

“Stop staring, love.” Harry whispered softly.

“I’m sorry.” I responded, closing my eyes and hiding my face on his chest.

He wrapped his arms around me.

“You guys would make a good couple,” Danielle snickered.

“He’s mine!” Louis yelled from the front.

“Louis, you’ve had him for the past 7 months. Right now he is mine!” I joked.

“We’re here!” Niall yelled loudly.

We jumped out of the car. The fans were screaming and crying. I smiled and waved at everyone.

We finally got inside. The boys went to get ready, and the girls and I went backstage to watch everything.

WE got comfy on the couch. I was excited. I missed going to there concerts.

“Here they are…. ONE DIRECTION!” The fans got super crazy after that.

The boys ran into the room where we were. Niall, Louis, and Liam kissed their girlfriends. Harry came up to me and I hugged him and kissed his cheek, “You’re gonna do great!” I told him as he ran off with the guys on stage.

We listened to them sing Up All Night and we danced around for a minute before Danielle’s phone went off.

“Shit, it’s my mom. Eleanor, come with me! I’m gonna die with all those fans out there!”

They left leaving me and Alexa alone. Again.

“You need to stay away from.” She stated with that bitch tone to her voice.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Stay away from Niall. He’s my boyfriend.” She stated.

“I live with him - them! He’s one of my best friends, OK? You can’t just prance into my - his life and order everyone around. You don’t own him.” I pointed out.

“I can see the way you look at him all lovey-dovey. You like him.”

“What does that even matter to you?” I asked, feeling the need to just rip her head up and burn her like they did in the Twilight movies.

“You’re trying to take him away from me!”

“I am not,” I defended myself, “I did not once do anything to make you think that. You’re such a bitch!” I yelled.

“Fuck you!” She yelled back, “You’re such a slut anyway, you’ve probably slept with all of them.”

“I, I-I.” I stopped myself. I haven’t stuttered since I was little. Sometimes I still stutter, but only when my emotions get the best of me.

“I-I” I tried again, yet failed… epically.

I ran out of the building as quickly as humanly possible. I ran past the paparazzi outside and down the street. Honestly, I didn;t know where I was headed. I needed to get out of there.

I ran into a bar, the first place I spotted. I sat down at one of the stools and ordered a beer. No one questioned my age, I did look kinda older for my age even thought I was only 17.

I ordered beer after beer until I felt like I drowned my emotions away with the alcohol.

Someone was nice enough to call a taxi for me and I climbed in, shockingly telling the driver my address. I stumbled out of the taxi and up the walkway to the front door.

It was about 3am, I thought. I walked into the house quietly. Tiptoeing up the stairs and into my room. I took off my shoes and started crying remembering what happened at the concert.

I hate him, my mind was yelling at me, I hate him. He sucks. I picked up a picture of Niall and I before I moved months ago.

Louis took the picture for me. It was his birthday that day and I smeared cake all over his face, and he smashed a piece of cake into mine. Cake was everywhere. Niall was kissing my cake covered cheek, and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

I cried staring at it. “FUCK!” I screamed throwing the medium sized frame at the wall.

The frame broke in half and the glass shattered all over the floor, leaving the picture to drift slowly next to the mess.

I picked up another picture off of my night stand and threw it along with the other one.

I fell back onto my bed, and cried myself to sleep.
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