Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


15. I Love You

My first reaction: to run over and jump into his arms. I cried, I cried so hard. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I was imagining things. Maybe my mind was playing games again. He held me in pure silence, well other than my crying. His arms wrapped tightly around my body, embracing me. He was crying too.
“Your back!” I sobbed into his chest, not loosening my grip around him. He didn’t speak. I looked up at him, tears blurring my vision. He brought his hands up to my face and lightly wiped away my tears. “I tried stopping you,” I said quietly, as he looked into my eyes, causing me to go weak. “I went to the airport to stop you, but I was too late…” I whispered, looking down at the grass.

“You what?” He questioned lightly.

“I drove to the airport, I was going to tell you…” I stopped myself. Tears filling my eyes once again. I kept my gaze downward, not wanting to see his reaction.

“Tell me what?” He touched my cheek lightly. I looked up at him, now was my chance to tell him. I had to, I had kept it in for way to long. It was now eating away at my insides, ever so slowly killing me.

“How much I love you, and that I’ve felt that way basically since I first met you and I was always to shy to tell you. I was afraid you didn’t feel the same way and that I would get hurt, and then I’d have to see you every single day and-” I stopped to breathe, realizing that I had just rambled. My heart rate quickened, and I tried to calm down and wipe the tears flowing from my eyes. That was useless.

“I missed it by a minute.” I was hoarse from all the crying.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked quietly. He was slightly hoarse too.

“I didn’t want to take you away from your family. I know you haven’t seen them in months.”

I yawned, I haven’t slept in so long. I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I looked up at him and he leaned closer to me, waiting for a reaction. He closed to gap between us and his lips met mine. I brought my hands up and placed them on his cheeks. We both pulled back lightly, his forehead was leaning on mine, and he was looking down at me slightly.

“I love you,” He breathed.

I smiled and closed my eyes, capturing the moment. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that. I love you too.”

He pulled me into another hug, and I yawned again. “When’s the last time you slept?” He asked.

I sighed, “Through the night? I don’t know.” I confessed, “I had about an hour’s sleep last night, and then Louis stayed awake with me the rest of the time until I came here.”

“Let’s get you home then,” He reached out his hand and I grabbed it. We started walking back home. The streets were busier than before, more people were heading to work and kids were going to school. Some people noticed Niall, but didn’t come up to us. My eyes were hurting slightly from all the crying, but I felt like so much weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

“Why did you come to the park?” He asked as we continued walking. We were only about a block away from the house.

“I needed to clear my head.” I said looking ahead of us.

“I’m sorry,” I heard him say.

I looked at him, “Niall, don’t-” I said lightly.

He continued anyway, “No, I’m sorry for leaving like that. I couldn’t take seeing you with Harry. It was stupid, and I shouldn’t have done it.”

“I broke up with him…” I could see the house a few houses away. “I only dated him because I thought,” I took a deep breath, “I thought that I could get over you.”

“That’s why I left, but I realized that it wasn’t going to happen, so I came back.” He squeezed my hand a little tighter. We walked up to the door and I opened it quietly, not wanting to wake up anyone the boys. I yawned again, it was starting to bug me, “Louis’ in my bed,” I whispered.

“Let’s go to my room then,” We walked up the stairs quietly and went up to his room, Niall yawned this time. He stripped down to his boxers and I giggled, typical Nialler. He got into his bed and I climbed in next to him. I laid my head on his chest as he wrapped he arm around me.

I felt different now that he was here with me. I was happier, my thoughts weren’t overflowing in my brain and I could finally think straight. He rubbed my back gently, “If you leave like that again I’m gonna kill you,” I joked.

“Believe me, I am never, ever going to do that ever again.” He laughed.

“Good,” I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep listening to the steady rhythm of his heart.
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