Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


11. Gone

The next morning was better. We all were still happy about the tour being over and how we can spend more time with each other. Louis, Liam, Zayn and I sat in the kitchen talking. Harry had the worst hangover ever! He didn’t want to get out of bed, so we let him rest.
“Should I go wake up Niall? He’s usually awake by now, and he wasn’t drunk last night.” I pushed in my chair as I got up, readying myself to go upstairs.

“No, It’s fine. You don’t have to do that, I’m sure he’ll get up soon.” Louis said shakily. He looked like he was trying to hide something. I knew when he was hiding something from me. He only hides stuff from me to protect me and sometimes that worries me.

“LouLou, is there something you aren’t telling me?” I asked him nervously.

“Juli, it’s nothing. Really.” I didn’t believe him. I turned around and ran up the stairs to Niall’s room. I hesitated a little before opening the door. I stuck my head in a little, “Niall…” I called lightly. I couldn’t see into his room because the sun hadn’t gotten to that side of the house yet. I opened the door fully and walked over to his bed. I pulled the covers away and he wasn’t in his bed. He probably went to the bathroom, I thought. I walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I heard someone throwing up. I put my ear to the door and spoke.

“Harry, are you ok?” I asked, knowing it was him. I waited for him to reply.

“No,” He moaned, “But I will be.”

“Is Niall in there with you?” I asked him.


That’s when I started getting nervous. I walked away from the door and made my way back to the kitchen.

“Where is he?” I asked them. They waited a minute. “Guys, tell me.” I pleaded.

“Juli, he’s fine.” Zayn told me.

“Ok, but where is he?” Was in he the hospital or something? What aren’t they telling me.

Louis came up to me and pulled me into a big hug, “Juli,” he said. I looked up at him as the tears started filling my eyes. “here.” He handed me a note. It was a folded up piece of paper. It was Niall’s handwriting.

“Guys, I’m going back home for a couple months. I’m fine. I just need to clear my head for a little while. I think everything has finally taken it’s toll on me. I’ll be back before our next tour. I hope you guys don’t hate me.

Love you all, Niall”

No, this isn’t real. It’s a nightmare. This can’t be happening. I started to cry.

“This isn’t happening.” I said out loud. Zayn and Liam came up to me and joined in with me and Louis’ hug.

“I’m sorry Juli.” Zayn said.

“He loved me back.” I said, pushing the boys away from me, “All this time, this whole fucking time!…” I put my hand over my chest, my heartbeat was rapid. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself. My voice got low, “He loved me back...Did he ever tell you guys he loved me!?” I asked them, my voice loudening.

Just as I asked that, Harry walked into the kitchen. “What’s going on here?” He asked. I walked over to him and handed him the note, he read it. I grabbed it from him and flipped it over, then handed it back to him. He read that too. He looked a little shocked.

“You are still in love with him aren’t you…” He said lightly. The tears wouldn’t stop. I nodded, “I never stopped,” I pulled my hands to my face, and cried into my hands. Harry pulled me into a hug.

“Juli,” He said softly, “I love you, and I will always love you…” I pulled away from the hug slightly, and looked up at him.

“The only thing I want is for you to be happy, and if being with me doesn’t make you happy then I think you should do whatever your heart tells you.”

I looked at him, what was he trying to say. “What can I do now, though? Niall’s gone, he left.” I felt so helpless.

“Do you know what time his flight leaves?” He asked. I shook my head, and looked over at Liam. He was on his laptop.

“Already on it!” Liam tried to sound like a superhero. I smiled slightly. Liam was tapping on his laptop frantically. “Uhhh,” He tapped a few more times, “Next flight to Mullingar leaves at 12:15.” He said looking up at me. It was 11:30 now. I looked over at Harry.

“Harry,” I wrapped me arms around his neck and hugged him. “I love you, and I will always love you… just not like that.” I said softly. “ I’m so sorry,” I played with his hair lightly, causing him to chuckle.

“Juliet, you don’t have to be sorry. I’ll be ok. And right now, right now you need to go get your man before he leaves.” He tried doing an American accent, at which he epically failed. I laughed a little, “Thank you,” I kissed his cheek and ran upstairs. I pulled on my jeans and T-shirt from yesterday and ran to the kitchen to get my keys. I looked over at the guys, there were watching me closely. “Wish me luck!” I said lightly.

I walked into the living room where Harry was and I looked directly at him, “Thank you,” I told him again. He smiled, “Go!” I could tell he was hurt. He wasn’t the same old weird, happy Harry. He was different very different. “Be happy! Go, go ,go!” Louis ran in and said as he jumped onto Harry’s back. I laughed slightly. “I’ll take care of him. He’ll be fine, Peaches.”

I looked at Harry once more before running out the door. I turned on the ignition and I drove away. The radio started playing my One Direction CD that I left inside of the player the last time I was in the car. One Thing started playing. What time was it? I looked over at the small clock, 11:40. Great, just great! It’s lunch hour.

I though of all the traffic and there wasn’t any until I got about 6 blocks away from the airport. It was now 11:55. I had 20 minutes to get to the airport, and tell Niall how I feel. I had to stop him. Some accident happened ahead of me. A 3 car pile up. Wow, how ironic. Policemen were there directing all the traffic to a detour.

Why now? I drove down this giant road. It was familiar, I knew my way around this place like the back of my hand. As I drove I thought I could hear Niall’s voice in my mind. I’m fine. Don’t worry. He told me he was ok. He never told me he loved me, I never told him.

By the time I got down the street from the airport it was 12:04. I finally found parking and ran inside to the front desk.

“Uh, flight to Mullingar,” I was so nervous I started to shake. The lady there gave me a worried look.

“Are you alright, sweetie?” She asked me. I nodded, “Please, where is-” She cut me off. Not in a mean kind of way, but she probably say the desperate look on my face.

“Gate 6.” She smiled. I nodded thankfully. Gate 6, all the way across the airport. I looked up at the signs. Gate 1 and 2 that way. 3 and 4 that way. I read on. Gate 5 and 7 over there. Where the fuck was gate 6? I looked at one last sign.


I started running. I had to get there. I had to tell him. I started hearing Niall’s voice again. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I could hear him say.

“Shut up,” I said out loud but lightly, so no one around me could here. I ran past a lot of people, jumped over someone’s suitcase that had been laying on the floor, and I even pushed someone. I think it was a lady, or a teenager about my age. I wasn’t sure, but honestly I didn’t even care. I’m sure if you were in my position you would’t give a crap either.

“Watch where you’re going!”

“Excuse me?”


A few people yelled at me as I ran past them. Gate 7, I read in bright red letters. I smiled a little as I ran into the small room. I ran over to the giant window and I could see the plane slowly driving away.

He’s gone.
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