Nobody knows

Juliet, also known as Louis Tomlinson's best friend since they were younger, goes to live with him and the boys. She's loved Niall since she met him when Louis was on the X Factor. Niall doesn't feel the same. How will Juliet, or Juli as everyone calls her, deal with this?


9. Confessions

“Juliet, Juli, Peaches,” I heard a soft, familiar voice say. My eyes fluttered open and I saw Niall standing next to my bed. He was softly shaking me with one hand.
“I’m up, I’m up.” I said sleepily, “What’s wrong Niall?” I asked.

“She won’t stop crying.” He groaned. He looked like he had just woken up himself. Harry agreed to taking care of baby Lux until tomorrow afternoon, but he past out in bed at about 10.

I groaned, throwing the covers of me. Niall helped me up and we went to his room where we decided to put the travel crib. I walked over to her and lifted her up, “Shh, shh, shh.” I said bouncing her slightly to comfort her. With her in my arms I walked over to the baby bag and pulled out a diaper and some powder, and I sat on the floor, placing her in front of me. Niall sat next to me and tried keeping her calm while I changed her. I couldn’t help but smile at how good he was with babies, well, when he wants to be. I picked her up again, she stopped crying.

“Now, maybe I can go back to sleep,” I said in a baby voice. Niall laughed and I put baby Lux back in her crib. The second I laid her down she began to wail again.

“Now what?” Niall asked.

I picked her up again, “You can go back to sleep, I can handle this.” I told him as I walked out of his room.

He didn’t listen and followed me down the stairs and past the living room into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out an already made bottle. “Niall…” I started. “No. it’s OK. Really! I don’t mind. I don’t want to leave you to take care of her yourself.”

I smiled slightly and walked over to the couch in the living room, he sat next to me as I fed her. “She was hungry,” Nial sighed.

“She’s always hungry,” I laughed quietly. “Like you.” He laughed.

I burped her and she looked happier. I held her in my arms and let her sleep there. I didn’t want to risk her crying again. “I think I’ll just stay here with her, so she doesn’t cry no more.” I whispered. “Niall, I honestly don’t mind if you go back to bed.”

“Juli, I told you I’m staying with you. I meant it. I really don’t mind.”

I was too tired to argue,”Fine, then I’m using you as a pillow.” I leaned my head against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me. Baby Lux fell asleep and I could hear her light snoring.

“Thanks,” I said lightly.

“For what?” He asked.

“For everything.” I said simply.

My eyelids got heavier each time I blinked. I heard Niall sing lightly.

Darling, I’ve been waiting for you, all my life.

Crossed towns and hills and rivers for you, all my life.

Now I;m wandering in the dark now, Cuz’ we need to make it through.

So please walk beside me in all I do.

I knew that song, All My Life by Ed Sheeran. I asked Niall to help me learn to play that on my guitar before I left. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Niall squeezed my arm gently.

“I love you, Juliet.” He sighed deeply, “If only I had the guts to tell you sooner.” I heard him say. He must’ve thought I was sleeping. I moved slightly to get more comfortable. I thought about what he said, and I felt him relax. I looked up at him and he was sound asleep.

“I love you too, Niall.” I said softly, and leaned up and kissed his cheek.
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