Disappearances from Penlake Mansion

D.I Morris is a lonely but extremely wealthy man who is not used to getting things wrong. D.I Wilkinson, a wife and proud mother, is very used to getting things right. When these two people are forced to work together on a burglary case at Penlake Manison, they think they have it covered. But as they dig deeper, is it as straight -forward as it seems?


2. 'Penlake Mansion'

The Report

Nature of Case: Burglary of The Penlake Diamonds

Victims: Mrs Rose Ainsworth

Injuries Sustained: One blow to the head (Gardening Spade?)

Victim now in hospital

Case Overview: 

On the 6th of August 2010, at 2:37am, a 999 phone call was made by Mrs. Rose Ainsworth, owner of the Penlake Mansion. She told police that she could 'hear a clumsy intruder downstairs' and that she was 'frightened for her life.' At this time, Mrs. Ainsworth was alone in the house as her husband was away on business. Mrs. A was unaware whether or not the intruder was armed. The police asked her over the phone whether she knew how the intruder had got into the house, and she replied 'No, I did not hear glass break from the window, or any other sounds of forced entry. I recall hearing the door slam and assuming my husband was home early, however there is no way this is possible because he rang me from New York at 11:00pm and New York to London is a 7 and a half hour flight.'

The police arrived at the scene of the crime 8 minutes after the phone call. The front was door locked. There was no sign of forced entry. The only evidence of someone being in the house is a strand of long blond hair found on the floor, cat hair belonging to a brown cat, and The Penlake Diamonds missing.


Suspects: Jim Boulder - Penlake Mansion Gardener, owns a key to the house.

                Heather Blake - Mr. Ainsworth's ex wife who bumped into Mr. Ainsworth (literally) at a grocery store on the 4th of August. Mr. Ainsworth then reported his Mansion keys missing, but they were handed in to the police station the following day by one of Heather's close friends. It is possible she had a replica of the key made which she now owns.



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