Disappearances from Penlake Mansion

D.I Morris is a lonely but extremely wealthy man who is not used to getting things wrong. D.I Wilkinson, a wife and proud mother, is very used to getting things right. When these two people are forced to work together on a burglary case at Penlake Manison, they think they have it covered. But as they dig deeper, is it as straight -forward as it seems?


4. Heather Blake

It was about half twelve this morning when I heard the first knock at the door. Great, I thought to myself, I'm still in my pyjamas with no make up on, I'm trying to give the baby lunch and it stinks of cigarettes. I've not even put the bins out yet so I bet the garden looks awful. I didn't have a clue who would be knocking at this time. To be honest, since the divorce, the only people who come to my house now is Sarah, my best friend. The others are still pissed off at me for what I did to Mr. Sam Ainsworth...

Less than thirty seconds later I hear another, louder knock at the door, leaving me no choice but to put  down the yoghurt and answer it. 

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