Disappearances from Penlake Mansion

D.I Morris is a lonely but extremely wealthy man who is not used to getting things wrong. D.I Wilkinson, a wife and proud mother, is very used to getting things right. When these two people are forced to work together on a burglary case at Penlake Manison, they think they have it covered. But as they dig deeper, is it as straight -forward as it seems?


3. Detective Inspector Wilkinson

Outside DI Morris' Office, August 7th

It's 9:34am, I haven't even started work yet and I'm already tired! My husband was called into work early yet again today, meaning I was left to get the children ready and take them to school on my own. Well, I say on my own, my daughter Louise does help a lot, however now she's dating this Martin boy she's been taking twice as long to get ready.

I pulled up into my usual parking space and checked the time - 9:27. Great, I still had a few minutes to finish my half done make up and a eat a breakfast bar before my shift started. I did it as quick as I could and decided to skip breakfast. As I opened my car door, I was relieved to see that the gentle rain which was falling during my drive to the police station had subsided, though the fog was still heavy. I grabbed my bag from the back seat and jumped out of my scratched red Volkswagen. On my way up to the door of the station, I noticed DI Morris had upgraded his car yet again! Well, I suppose with no family to spend his money on, he has to burn it elsewhere.

I entered the warm station and felt a smile form on my face when I was greeted by the friendly, familiar voice of Arthur.He's such a lovely old man, and always up for a chat. Everyone who knows him just cant help but love him! Well, except one grumpy old-

"Morning Arthur!" I exclaimed. the clock above his head said 9:32. "I'm so sorry I'm late again, just with Joe starting early and me having to take the children t-"

"Don't worry about it!" He reassured me, "As long as you've read the file I e-mailed you, you haven't missed anything."

"Oh I've read it!" I replied, "the case seems farley straight forward, surely it's Heather Blake? She has a motive and a method of entry. The only thing not straight forward about the case is who I'm working with." Arthur looked at me in an understanding way. Being the kind man he is, he never bad mouthed anyone despite how much he hated them, but his eyes told me a million words his lips did not need to.

"Well, if you're so sure about the case, you wont have to work with him for very long. He is in his office, maybe you should speak to him, see if he has finished reading the file."

And that is where I am now. Just about to enter Moody Morris' office. It's always too hot in there, and the place looks like it needs a good tidy. Books he has long since read clutter the book shelf far too big for his room, and his computer desk is always full of old, useless paperwork. But I suppose I can't put off speaking to him any longer.

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