Never Let Go...

When Madison McCall finds a peice of tattered paper on the old streets of London ,England with a cell phobe number on it and shoves it into her pocket she would have never guessed what the next following weeks would bring...


1. My Life Changer

My life was normal. Or my deffinition of normal at least. I grew up with my mother and my father. We lived in a big 3 story house on a beautiful price of land. We were wealthy and life was treating me well. Until August 16 , 2011. I was 18 when I got the call. I was rushing down the small county road to St. Mary's Hospital. My dad had a heart attack. I could speed down that highway any faster it felt like an lifetime before I arrived in the hospital parking lot. I ran into the large teal and tan building up to the receptionist. "Yes I'm looking for John McCall. " I could hear the own fear in my voice. " Let's see Oh he is in the operation room. Miss you will have to go sit over there in the OR waiting room." I went and sat then my mom ,Lynn, ran in. "Mom!"
My mother ran to me and engraved me with a giant hug. "Mom I'm scared." I was shaking and I could feel her shaking also."I am too sweetly I am too." I could hear the fear in her voice also. The doctor walked out if the OR. I knew then he was gone . The doctor put his hand on my mothers should and said "Mrs. McCall we tryed but... He didn't make it. I'm sorry for you and your family." I felt my knees wobble and I fell to the ground. My mom sobbing in the background I wailed and screamed "WHY?!?!?" i knew from then one life would change.
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