As Olivia walks through the field on a mission to get to her familiar destination, she reflects upon the changes in her life. But where is she going? Why today? This enchanting short story is one that will captivate you, and stay with you long after you have read it.


2. The Middle

I started secondary school as a sweet, academic child. I have to admit I struggled at first, moving house was a big step. After Mum and Dad revealed there'd soon be new arrival to the family, we had virtually no option but to move to a bigger house. It didn't stop me and Laura sharing a room though. It wasn’t all bad, Dad got a better job where we moved, meaning more money was coming in. Mine and Laura’s room was bigger, so although we shared it, we still had our personal space. We were closer to grandma and was able to look after her as she got older. The only negative was timing. We moved right after I finished primary school – my first day back to school was not only at a huge secondary school I knew nothing about, it was also 200 miles away from everyone I’d known, except Laura.

I found my way though. I kept on top of my work, at home and at school and before I knew it I had a whole load of knew friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better first two years at high school.


The gentle breeze forces me to hold down my purple skirt. I move my once brown hair from my shoulders, allowing the sun to reflect from my pale skin.


It was after Laura left High School that I felt alone. With the three year age gap, she was off to college, leaving me at high school. I half expected her to come home after her first day saying she hated it, that she missed me and that she wished she could take me with her each day. But she didn’t. She loved it. After a while, she was always too busy – out with her college friends or doing coursework. She met Sarah, a friend, which became a close friend, which became a best friend. A new best friend. Then she got a boyfriend. Soon, it was like we were sisters and just sisters, not inseparable, wannabe twins like we used to be.


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